What to Bring on a First Date

You’ve worked really hard getting that girl to agree to go out with you.  Now, the burning question is, What to Bring on a First Date?


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The Ultimate List of What to Bring on a First Date

#1. Be on time

Even if you know your date is likely to be fashionably late, do NOT arrive late yourself.  Impress your girl on that first date by respecting her enough to be on time and ready to enjoy her company.

#2. Be complimentary

You may be nervous when you meet her, especially if she’s someone special.  Take a deep breath when you see her and remember to bring your smile and your compliments with you on a first date.

#3. Be polite, not pushy

In general, women like to feel special and it is a good idea to open a door or offer to pour her wine … but … some women like their men to see them as equals and may want to be treated as such, so if it’s obvious your date is like this, don’t push the ‘gentleman’ side of you too much.

#4. Go the extra mile

You may know something about your first date before you meet and she will really appreciate it if you pick up little things that you have heard her mention eg, if you know her favorite food is Mexican, you could book a table in a Mexican place (NOT Taco Bell!!)

#5. Happy hour self control

Ok, so you’re nervous, but don’t drink so much in happy hour that you mess up your first date with too much drinking and not thinking! It could be a great idea to share a couple of cocktails in happy hour, as she is probably nervous too, but hold onto your self control and it will help you make a good first impression. You could also impress her with your knowledge of cool martini cocktails!

#6. Be curious, about her

You would be a total dork if you have worked this hard to get a first date and then spent the whole evening on your phone or talking about yourself the whole time!  Women like to be able to talk about themselves too, remember it’s not all about you!

#7. Conversation topics

You may already know a bit about your girl before the first date, so thinking up relevant topics of conversation before the date is really helpful, especially when you are nervous.  Having a topic ready to go is also great if there are any of those dreaded awkward silences eg, “What are your top 5 books/films/songs?” (delete as appropriate) is a always a good starter to help keep the conversation flowing.

#8.  Have an excuse to leave and/or leave her wanting more

Whether you get on really well or can’t get away quick enough, an excuse to leave that you mention early on is always a good plan.  That way, you have set up an escape route if you need one OR you can leave knowing the date went really well and she is desperate for more … women just love a man with an air of mystery and who have a life!  (Or you could tell her the excuse wasn’t real and have a laugh about it together!)

And Finally, think about these tips to bring on a first date too!!:

Good Luck Guys!





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