picking a craft beer to drinkI’ve been reading again. I know you’re thinking, “that’s dangerous”. You may be right but I don’t have to admit it. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have to admit to anything when I’m out drinking a having some harmless man fun. I think all of us at Things Men Buy can agree to that. And drinking is the topic at hand, specifically the topic of drinking your first craft beer.

Taking the Craft Beer Plunge

Maybe you’ve never had a craft beer. Maybe you have a friend who has never had a craft beer. Maybe you wonder what are craft beers. Yes, this is a real thing! No problem. So what do you do? How do you get yourself or a bro diving into the tasty, sudsy, often high alcohol world of American craft beer?

That’s easy…drink. Sure, just start swigging down some brands of beers that you’ve never heard of or may have heard of and have just never taken the plunge.

Maybe the sheer number of choices is overwhelming? Maybe you don’t want to get one that doesn’t taste good to you, that you want to pour out, that you want to send back to the bartender but you don’t want to be guilty of alcohol abuse by wasting what probably is a perfectly good beer that someone else might enjoy?

Time For Drinking Your First Craft Beer!

selecting your first craft beer to drinkNever fear! The Craft Joint here at thingsmenbuy.com is here to help you or your buds get outta the gate and pop that craft beer cherry. That means I have a few selection suggestions for drinking your first craft beer.

Try Sam Adams Boston Lager

Have a Sam Adams Boston Lager. Almost everyone has heard of Sam Adams beer. It is a lager so it won’t offend most palates, especially those who are regular drinkers of big brewery beers. Sam Adams is a good starting point.

Have a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Another good starting point is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. This granddaddy of craft brewing is a light bodied easy drinking ale with an alcohol content close to what most regular beer drinking dudes are used to every day.

Both of the above-mentioned beers are available almost everywhere and are pretty well known by now. They have survived the tests of time and taste. Personally, I like both of them and believe that most other beer drinkers do too or would if given the chance.

Enjoy Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

For those who are a little more adventurous, have a Two Hearted Ale from Bell’s. Bell’s Brewery is in Michigan and their Two Hearted Ale is an IPA that is almost universally loved by anyone who takes a sip. At 7% Alcohol by Volume, it packs more of a kick than most are used too. Hey, that’s part of the fun though, isn’t it?

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is also available in many places. Not as widely distributed as Sam Adams or Sierra Nevada, for sure, but you most likely won’t have too much trouble tracking down some of these bottles of beer love.

With the craft beers I just talked about, you can begin your trip to the land of hops and malts that you might not even know existed. Pop a bottle cap, tilt a glass, order up a draft and get your bad self moving toward craft beer flavor-land. Man up and knock it back!

Now do some fun shopping here at Things Men Buy!

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John “Big John” Johnson is a serial fun seeker, a lover of craft beer, and enjoys all things adult beverage related. A dedicated online marketer and SEO, he has been described as “Peter Pan with German Work Ethic”. John is also a sleight of hand magician with serious chops, enjoys riding Harleys, practicing martial arts and travel.

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