Enjoying Craft Beers for Thanksgiving 2017 at a Craft Beer Bar

Enjoy both dark and light beer this Thanksgiving. Now, where does she work?

If you think Thanksgiving is all about Turkey, stuffing, pies, and schtuff like that, I’m here to tell you that you have it all wrong. Thanksgiving is all about drinking! Drinking craft beer! Beer is food! Who the hell needs turkey? Give the poor bird a break, will ya? I’m here to help you have a craft beer Thanksgiving 2017 style.

Calm down, calm down. I’m full of it. Kind of. Let’s get some things straight. I love Thanksgiving. I love the whole chowing down on Turkey and other good stuff traditions. At my family’s annual Thanksgiving gathering, there’s well over a hundred of us. No joke. Over a hundred of us and we eat twice. Not for the faint of heart. Surprisingly, never any arguments. It’s a great time that myself, relatives, and friends all look forward to every single year!

Your Thanksgiving gathering does not have to have over a hundred attendees in order to add delicious craft beer to the fun. Remember, beer is food. So, craft beer is even better food! Let’s eat and drink in high style with some damn tasty and refreshing Thanksgiving 2017 craft beer “must drinks”.

Wednesday is Thanksgiving Party Night 

You most likely don’t have to work, so why not start your Thanksgiving day with some “hair of the dog”. You are going to party down Wednesday night, right? Where I’m from, the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest party nights of the year. Make it a fun night for you too!

Presenting Your Thanksgiving 2017 Craft Beers!

Double Stout from Green Flash

I recommend starting your Thanksgiving morning with Green Flash Double Stout. It’s almost 9% ABV so that’ll put you back right where you need to be to have fun with your relatives. Even the ones you don’t really care for that much. There’s great coffee flavor to it and you can pour in a little more joe to it for that added caffeine kick. Enjoy the chocolate goodness blended in which makes this stout a sweet holiday breakfast with a dose of ass kick!

Enjoy Yuengling Black & Tan

If you’re a real beast and want to start off the day two-fisted another way, I have a suggestion for that too. Here’s what you do, get your coffee going and have a cup in one hand and wash it down with a Yuengling Black & Tan. Yuengling’s Black & Tan is a mix of their Porter and Premium beer. It has a pretty mild ABV of around 5%.

Thankful for Craft Beer TooIf you don’t want your family to look at you like a rehab-bound lush, drink your coffee first. After that, grab that beckoning Black & Tan bottle of holiday cheer while mouth-watering aromas make your stomach growl for that tasty turkey feast. No need to deny your thirst while waiting for din din. Since this brewski is a little lighter than an imperial stout and clocks in at a lower ABV, no problem making this your all day choice for Thanksgiving and consuming mass quantities of this craft beer.

How About Wheat Beer?

On the other hand, worried about getting “too full” on darker beers and having to go short on Turkey and all the fixings? I’m tempted to say “man up”, but I won’t…even though I just did. How’s that for some light-hearted double talk? All in the name of fun. But wait, didn’t I just mention the word “light’? What a segue to me mentioning Hefeweizen. Yes, it’s wheat beer time my TMB friends.

I’m going all St. Louis with my Hefeweizens. There’s a lot of German beer tradition in St. Lou and they’ve seen a lot of craft breweries become players. I’m not the biggest Hefeweizen fan on planet beer, but I have no problem with these taste bud tingling easy to drink suds bombs.

Let’s go to a grand pappy of St. Louis craft brewers. They got out of the gate back in 1991 with a Pale Ale and a Hefeweizen. Let’s visit Schlafly’s now.

Try Hefeweizen from Schlafly’s

Schlafly Hefeweizen is a bottle of flavors that will make you re-read the label. They’ve gone “hoppy” with this wheat beer. Crisp malts are married with floral hops to make this craft beer almost defy categorization. The initial aroma blast also wafts hopsy, but in the end, Schlafly has come up with a seriously unique and outrageously flavorful Hefeweizen that pushes the envelope and earns them extra craft beer innovation points from yours truly.

Here’s another gem of a craft beer from St. Louis. It has the odd name of Schnickelfritz which, coincidentally, was the name of my neighbor’s dog when I was a kid. I found out it is a German origin term of endearment. Back to the beer.

Drink Schnickelfritz…WTF?

Urban Chestnut is a craft brewer and they do things right. They are especially skilled when it comes toBeer goes with your thanksgiving meal putting out German styles of beer. Their Schnickelfritz Weissbier is a stellar example of their Hefeweizen brewing skills. Urban Chestnut’s Schnickelfritz is both crisp and clean with a balanced aroma of, oddly enough, both clove and banana. It tastes like heaven in a glass with a tiny bit of sweetness to finish it off.

Get Schnickelfritz from Urban Chestnut. Drink Schnickelfritz for Thanksgiving and beyond. Just do it. You’ll thank me. Oh yes, you’ll thank me.

I’ve laid out your craft beer Thanksgiving starting with your morning eye-openers and moving throughout the day. I didn’t overwhelm you with choices. I kept it simple. Only four beers. Just picking two of these, a dark and a light, and enjoying them throughout the day is a recipe for flavorful enjoyment, smiles on your face, and buzzy fun with food, relatives, and football.

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