Best Ideas for Parties New Year's Eve 2018It’s nearly 2018 and the team at thought we’d come up with some Best Ideas for Parties for New Year’s Eve 2018.

We all want to start off the New Year having a good time, brimming with positive energy and looking forward to the year ahead.



You could go to an all-singing, all-dancing party which costs mega bucks or visit Times Square and see the ball dropping, or spend time with your loved one and have a romantic meal at a restaurant.  These can all be great fun if you find the right crowd of people or you just want an intimate night with your partner, but how about hosting your own celebration, here’s our Top 3 best ideas for parties for New Year’s Eve 2018.

That way you can invite the guys that you really want to be there and celebrate with your favorite people.  (If you and your friends have kids, a home-based party is an ideal way to combine family fun with an adult celebration too).

Our Top 3 Best Ideas For Parties For New Year’s Eve 2018

#1. A Cocktail New Year’s Eve Party

If you have a group of friends who like to celebrate their New Year’s Eve by experimenting with a few different drinks, then a cocktail party could be an ideal answer.

To keep the costs down, you can do some forward planning, choose six cocktails and ask people to bring along the ingredients for one of them or the main spirit in the drink and then you provide the mixers.  Another alternative is to ask for a contribution beforehand, then make up a quantity of large pitchers of each cocktail to get the party rocking.

For some Martini cocktail ideas, have a look here.

A cocktail party is also a good excuse to dress up – think the roaring 20s, flapper-style dresses for the ladies and DJ’s for the guys.

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#2. A Cool Themed Party

There are some brilliant themes for your New Year’s Eve Party, try one of these:

  • A Black and White Ball just like Truman Capote in 1966 
  • A Bonfire Party – fire up the BBQ and enjoy some classic steaks like the ones here and our recommended craft beers to wash them down with.
  • A Hollywood Party – invite your guests to dress up as their favorite Hollywood actor.  (We recently had a ‘Dead Singers’ Party and the house was full of Elvis, Janis Joplin, Freddie Mercury and Marilyn Monroe!)
  •  A Decade Party – choose your favorite decade, make a suitable playlist, research the food and drink which was trendy in that era and you’re all set!

If you need some party game ideas, here’s a few to get you started:

#3. Hire A Venue for Party

If you want to keep the cost down and go for something a bit more adventurous than home, you could hire a boat or a cabin and invite all your friends to join you for a New Year’s Eve mini vacation.

Talking of mini vacations, my favorite would be hiring a ski chalet with my friends, something like this:

Whatever you do, stay safe, enjoy and Happy New Year!


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