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As far as the Craft Beer of the Month Club is concerned, it’s all about the beer. They really appreciate the traditional, independent, small craft breweries and the brewmasters that produce amazing beer the way it’s supposed to be made. They love small batches of beer using time-honored brewing methods and traditional ingredients. Since they are all about the beer, they tend to ignore high profile, mass-produced options and prefer to stick with the good stuff delivered by small craft breweries.

The interesting thing about craft beer is that there are many styles and many brewers making these great tasting alcoholic beverages. You can get your hands on some phenomenal tasting stouts, porters, IPAs, and ambers. And the Craft Beer of the Month Club is happy to deliver these to you and send them directly to your door whether you want to get them once a month, twice a month, or more.

Technically, you can sample craft beers to your heart’s desire and do it on your own. But the one thing you may not realize is that not all craft beers taste great. So you may find a really talented brewmaster when you try one beer, and then you could turn around and try another craft brew and think it’s absolutely awful.

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Craft Beer of the Month Club Review

The Craft Beer of the Month Club takes all the guesswork out of the process for you. They will only deliver the best tasting, finest craft beers each and every month and you get to take advantage of their hard work through testing all of the various options. So you never have to worry about drinking a nasty tasting craft beer again because the club takes care of the legwork for you.

Why Do so Many People Appreciate the Craft Beer of the Month Club?

As you can imagine, this wildly popular service has many happy customers. Based on testimonials and reviews, we’ve boiled down the reasons why so many people really love this club and the service they provide. So we determined the biggest benefits of the Craft Beer of the Month Club are as follows:

  • Variety – by joining this club, you will have a wide variety of craft beers delivered to your door each and every month. And since the beers vary on a month by month basis, you’ll have the opportunity to try many different stouts, ambers, IPAs, porters, and lagers. If you love beer – in particular, craft beer – and you like having a wide variety of choices sent to you on a month by month basis, then this club is definitely going to be right in your wheelhouse.
  • High quality, rare craft beer – not only are you going to get a wide variety of craft beers shipped to you on a monthly basis, you’re also going to have an opportunity to try some very rare, high quality craft brews that you wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to get your hands on. This is awesome because you’ll finally get to try some of the great tasting, amazing craft beers you’ve always wanted to try but never had the opportunity because you just couldn’t find them. So you have the ability to expand your horizons and try many different craft brews without having to go to the ends of the earth to procure them. This makes life so much easier on you, the craft beer connoisseur.
  • No contractual obligation – according to many of the people who have joined this club, one of the things they like the best is not being stuck in any type of contractual obligation. They want their great tasting craft brew delivered to their door for as long as they desire, but they also want the ability to end their relationship with the club at a moment’s notice. Sometimes things happen in life and you might not be able to afford to buy rare, high quality craft beer on a regular basis. So having the ability to get out of your commitment very quickly is definitely something to feel good about.
  • Skipping deliveries – this feature is one that every member truly appreciates as well. Sometimes you may be on vacation for a month and won’t want your delivery. Other times you’ll need to skip a delivery for one of 1000 other reasons. You do have the ability to have your delivery skipped and you will not suffer any negative consequences because of it.
  • Never pay any cancellation fees – some companies try to lock you into a contract and then make you pay cancellation fees once you quit their service. You are never going to pay any cancellation fees whatsoever when you join the Craft Beer of the Month Club. They really take care of their customers and go out of the way to make sure they provide a great experience and they do not attempt to rip off anyone with unnecessary cancellation fees.
  • Free shipping – if you live in the United States of America and join the Craft Beer of the Month Club, you will never have to pay shipping fees whatsoever. This is awesome because nobody wants to pay extra for shipping fees when they do not have to, so the club realized this and decided to cover all shipping expenses and roll them into the monthly fee.

Where to sign up for Craft Beer of the Month?  Online – – – > Click here.

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How Much Does It Cost to Join the Craft Beer the Month Club?

Customers have the ability to join the club at a couple of different levels. Here’s a quick explanation:

  • 12 bottles – if you join the club at the 12 bottle level, your monthly shipment will include 12 beers that you will receive every month. There will be four different style beers as part of the shipment and you’ll get three beers Joining at this level costs $42 per month.
  • 24 bottles – joining up at this level gets you 24 bottles of great tasting craft beer delivered to your door every month. There are four styles of beer in each shipment and you’ll get six beers from each style. This level costs $80 per month.

Clearly, this is an excellent service and a very valuable membership. We highly recommend joining if you love craft beer and want it shipped directly to you at home.

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