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If you are a drinker of adult beverages like I am, you certainly will like this store.  They sell bullet bottle openers and custom groomsmen gifts.  They have so many cool items you’ll find something that you’ll love, I will guarantee you that.  Also, make sure to use this Lucky Shot USA coupon and save a few bucks, since they are a preferred partner.

Here’s the Lucky Shot Promo Code:  “Manliness.”

Copy that code and enter it on this website for 10% off any order!

The goods are made from actually used and fired U.S. Military munitions!  How bad ass is that?

You can get 9mm bullets up to 30 MM Warthog rounds.  You can bet your bottom dollar that if the military shot it, the team at Lucky Shot can get their hands on it and make it into something useful.  As a family owned and operated business, they direct manufacture everything.

Friends of the family include veterans, law enforcement officials, and first responders – so you know how much respect the family has for the military.

Everything you see on their site is a PERFECT gift item.  Anyone you know will certainly appreciate these gifts.

As they say on the website “Kick back, crack open a cold one, and have a look around.”

Lucky Shot Products I’ve Reviewed

I reached out to them the moment I came across their site.  Obviously, it’s a perfect fit for us at ThingsMenBuy.  (Especially since we are pretty social dudes who like cool gifts.)

Take a look at the pics of the products we got.

“Things Men Buy Shot Glass” – made out of 30MM A-10 Warthog Cannon round.

“Ice Cold Marketing Bottle Opener” – (my marketing agency) made out of a 50 caliber bullet shell casing.

Shot glass made of real “fired ammo. #luckyshotusa #thingsmenbuy

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Of course, they have many other products as well.  Definitely check out their bar sets, made from 30 MM cannon rounds.

Also, there is a very unique cigar ashtray made from Abrams tank cannon round.  (You know I love cigars, which I buy here.)

Lastly, if you can get it while they keep it in stock, you can find a very cool .308 bulletproof shot glass.  (I’m getting one.)

Almost everything you see on their website is engravable, which is why I love this company for gifting.  (Even gifts for women.)

Based in Orlando, Florida, all products are made by this family owned business from American Made munitions once fired by U.S. military.
Remember to enter coupon code “Manliness” to save 10%.


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