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The amazing people at Give Them Beer recognized the value in starting a beer gift basket website so they opened their company in 2013. They were fully inspired by their desire to drink beer and they recognized that millions of other men and women had the same desire as well so they understood the value in putting together their company.

When the company first began, they originally sold around 30 different types of craft beer, but it wasn’t long before they took things to the next level and now they sell more than 150 different craft beers for you to enjoy. And the company continues to grow stronger and stronger with each passing year.

In fact, Give Them Beer has had customers from some of the most prestigious organizations all across America. They have made deliveries to such corporations like ESPN, Snapchat, and LinkedIn to name a few. Plus, the company has received many amazing reviews over the years and they are proud of the great things their customers have had to say about their service and the fantastic tasting beer they provide.

beer gift delivery from GiveThemBeer

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Beer Quality and Selection

This beer gift delivery service goes above and beyond everyone’s expectations. They choose only the highest rated, top-quality craft beers for their briefcases and gift baskets. And that’s not all, because they also sell some of the highest quality beer snacks available as part of these gift baskets as well. So you’re literally getting the best of both worlds because you get to give your family members and friends great tasting beer and snacks or you get to keep them for yourself!

At the time of this writing, they sell more than 150 different beers including stouts, porters, lagers, IPAs, and ales. They also have a great selection of specialty and seasonal beers, so you’re always going to have something different, exciting, and great tasting available to choose from when you order from this website.

Visit their website to learn more about Give Them Beer.

In fact, at this time they currently have more than 40 IPAs available on their site and 30 different craft ales as well. Please note that they do sell some traditional beers on their website as well including Budweiser, Miller, Guinness, and Corona, but it’s important to point out the wide majority of their beers do not come from major breweries, but instead come from small microbreweries producing limited amounts of high quality craft beer.

How Is Give Them Beer Different from the Competition?

When this company first began their humble entrance into the world of gift beer delivery and more, they were one of the most exciting enterprises because they exclusively offered craft beer and nobody else was doing this at the time. Many other websites had gift baskets with familiar beers that everybody already knew, but they weren’t delivering craft beer the way that Give Them Beer did. So they obviously had a leg up on the competition and it’s the reason why this was such an exciting service and still is to this very day.

US residents are in luck because this delivery service will send you some of the best craft beers currently available in the United States. Plus they go out of their way to make sure their presentation is phenomenal, so you’ll have a great looking delivery come to your door every month with some of the best tasting gourmet beer snacks that money could buy. And the deliveries come with amazing briefcases, crates, galvanized buckets, and more, so you could even reuse the packaging and many people do.

The other really interesting thing about this website is they make it very easy for their customers to buy these great tasting craft beers and send them as gifts. The beer gifts are perfect for all occasions, and you can even create your own if you want to make a customized order. So that’s something that you do not have the opportunity to take advantage of on other beer delivery websites, so it’s definitely a bonus that you get when you buy from Give Them Beer.

A sample delivery box from Give Them Beer

Give Them Beer Pricing

Since there are so many different gift basket options, we’re not going to be able to present you with one price and one price alone. But the gift baskets have a range that goes from $59.99 to $199.99. All their beer briefcases cost the same price, which is $74.99.

Finally, please note that you do have to pay additional shipping charges. If you ship with a ground service that takes one to five days, you’ll pay $14.99. If you go with a three day shipping option, it will cost $49.99, and a two day shipping option cost $66.99. So obviously shipping is going to definitely tack onto the expense, so keep that in mind when you buy from this beer delivery service.

All in all, even though the pricing and shipping are definitely on the expensive side, we certainly feel like this service is worthy of the additional cost. There are so many wonderful craft beer options on their website, the presentation is phenomenal, the gourmet snacks are off the charts awesome, and everybody seems to love these amazing gifts.

The Advantages of Buying from Give Them Beer

As you are about to learn, there are many advantages of buying craft beers from this awesome website. Those advantages include the following:

  • many different gift options available
  • top quality, top rated craft beers
  • excellent customer support
  • phenomenal gifts available no matter what your budget happens to be
  • satisfaction guaranteed
  • more than 150 craft beers available on the website to choose from
  • thousands of satisfied customers since opening their doors in 2013
  • the ability to create your own gift basket through customization

It should come as no surprise that so many people are enamored with Give Them Beer. This awesome beer delivery service provides creative gifts for every beer lover and it’s a great place to find many amazing craft beer choices.

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