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Intimacy is the level of closeness with one person where you feel safe and acknowledged. There are four types of intimacy in any relationship: spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. In all these aspects, men and women differ. For instance, the physical element entails visible differences between men and women.

Intimacy is a topic that can be sensitive sometimes between you and your partner. It takes a lot of courage for your partner to ask what you want in the bedroom to avoid hurting your feelings. In most cases, men express their innermost thoughts through actions. On the other hand, women are better at expressing their desires and emotions.

This doesn’t mean that men aren’t overflowing with desires and feelings. There are many things men wish women knew even before they reveal them. Suppose you’re wondering what these secrets are, continue reading this article to get informed.

1. Do Your Part

Your partner expects you to show interest in what both are doing and move with the action. Don’t be a boring wife by just laying there seemingly pissed off or disinterested. Knowing how to give good handjob can help your husband feel wanted in physical intimacy.

Just as women, men need to be praised too. Ensure that you give him flattering compliments. For instance, tell him how his sleeveless shirt perfectly shows his biceps. Remind him how attractive he is to you. The compliments should be on something other than looks.

It is vital to commend your man on things masculinity tends to lessen. Tell him how well he cooks, nails the parenting role, or even how caring he is.

2. Speak Your Mind

Your spouse isn’t an angel who knows precisely what you want. This applies to both men and women. Speaking your mind is the best way to get what you want.

For instance, your partner might have upset you, and they come back asking if you are okay. You must respond well to get the results you want. For any healthy relationship, communication solves any problem.

Express your emotions to your man freely. Men genuinely don’t always know what’s wrong. If he asks what’s wrong, he genuinely doesn’t know. Don’t be arrogant by not telling them. Save some time and disclose to him what’s wrong.

3. You Can Make The First Move

Many women think that making the first move will show their desperation. This is far from the truth in the world we are living in today. Your spouse can be shy too, and there’s no problem if you initiate intimacy anytime you feel it.

Again, you can approach that guy you feel attached to, whether at an event, party, bar, or restaurant. Making the first move doesn’t mean throwing yourself at a guy. It simply means you’re stepping into your power as a woman to decide what and who you want.

It would be best to go slow when making the first move, especially in the physical movement. This is crucial to ensure the other person is on the same side of your thoughts.

Getting closer to them and giving light touches will speak your thoughts and give you an idea of your interest. Also, pay attention to their body language, as actions speak louder than words. It’s not astonishing to find many success stories of women who made the first move.

4. Don’t Jump To Conclusions

Before judging him, listen to his explanation first. He might say something you might interpret in many ways, but you take the bad one.

For example, he might call you chubby. It sounds like body shaming, right? But it might turn out he meant how he loved it that you’re fat and you misunderstood him. Listen to him and take time to consider the situation before concluding anything.

Slow down and think. Assumptions can ruin your relationship and lead to mental health if it becomes severe. Also, think about what happened when you jumped to the wrong conclusions. Allow yourself to take enough time and willingness not to judge. This will make your relationship healthier.

5. Say Yes To Sex More Often

Men are more likely to get hurt and sensitive than women when turned down for sex. If turned down, they feel unwanted and unloved. Most men express their emotional closeness through sex. They expect you to say yes anytime they ask for it. If you must deny him, try to be loving and affectionate and reschedule it by giving satisfying reasons.

You can as well initiate sex. It can be discouraging if your man starts it all the time. Activating it will make both of you enjoy and love it.


Women are believed to be the most complicated creatures. On the other hand, men can be just as shy about expressing their mixed signals to their spouses. Maybe you want to spice up your intimacy game. This article gives a sneak peek at what men wish women knew.

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