Men are Choosing to Vape Instead of Smoke

Men in the United States have steadily increased their use of vape systems in recent years. It’s not difficult to see why. Men are a very gadget-oriented segment of the population. They love their toys, and given the highly scientific and customizable design of modern vape systems, it’s no wonder that 45% of men now vape. How this will affect the future use of cigarettes is unknown, but there are many reasons the modern man is choosing to put down cigarettes and pick up a vape system.

It’s Cleaner

Men aren’t quite the messy people they’re portrayed as on television and in movies. A man can appreciate a clean environment, too, and less mess means more time to watch sports or head out for a day on the golf course. Men find that vape devices keep the messy ashes of cigarettes at bay. You get a much cleaner smoke, with no ashtrays, matches, or lighters to keep up with.

Quit Smoking Aid

When men quit smoking by switching to a vape system, they’re doing something that’s both meaningful and fun. Not only do they get to toss away the mess of cigarettes, but they get to pick up a cool new gadget that gives them access to a smoking experience unlike any other. Millions of people will at one time or another try to use a vape system to quit smoking, and it’s one of the most successful ways to put the cigarettes down.

Less Offensive Odor

Few people would argue that vape system’s smell bad. In fact, they often smell like blueberry pancakes on a crisp fall day. Instead of the stink and smell of cigarettes, you get pleasant smells like vanilla or blueberry, or you might get a neutral odor that doesn’t smell at all. It’s just less offensive to friends and family and allows men to enjoy their smoke without having to ruffle any feathers.

A Controlled Smoking Experience

With cigarettes, you can only limit the number of cigarettes you smoke every day, which leaves out the part where you’re consuming nicotine. With vape systems, men are able to control their nicotine intake from 0 mg/mL and up. It’s a way to keep track of how much of the drug you’re consuming and make sure that eventually, you’re down to much less nicotine. This is a handy thing if you’re trying to quit cigarettes, but it’s nice for men to have that control over their smoking experience even if they have no plans to quit or they vape a lot.

It’s Flavorful

Cigarettes have a couple of different flavors. For the most part, though, things are straight across the board bland. Vaping is a rich experience into the world of flavors, and many men enjoy vaping simply because they love all of the diverse flavors they can sample during every new round. It’s fun to look at all of the flavors, mix them, experiment with them. It’s no wonder that people enjoy vaping lounges these days. It’s a shared experience where you enjoy the rich flavors of vaping with your friends.

As vaping becomes more mainstream, more and more men are introduced to its many virtues, and this means that more people may not choose to smoke cigarettes in the first place. Men from all over the world are experiencing a different culture of smoking, and so far it looks like it is a beneficial culture for all.

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