Lets face, there are a lot of men who vape and if you vape, you need to buy vape juice.  The type of vape juice you get for your e-cig is vital to the vaping experience you enjoy. For exceptional vaping, you will need to make the right choice of vape juice you purchase. Although any vape juice in the market will provide nicotine and make vapor, the quality of the juice matters quite a lot. This is what determines the vaping experience, amount of cloud and the health and safety assurances. Some of the favorite vape juices of 2018 that you should probably consider when shopping for a vape juice include the following.

Murica E-Juice with a Rocket Popsicle Flavor

Murica has established itself as one of the most popular vape juice brands globally. The juice offers a characteristically nice feeling across the taste buds. It is made of flavors of blue raspberries, red cherry Popsicle notes and tart lemon-lime. The combination of flavors has been perfectly blended for an amazing taste that takes vaping to a new level. The flavors of the Murica offer freedom of taste, precisely what you need for a great vaping experience. They are good for your taste buds and supply you with an appropriate amount of nicotine for a generally good feel.

Smurf Cake E-Juice with Blueberry Cheesecake Flavor

When considering an E-Juice to buy for your e-cig, the Smurf Cake E-Juice is definitely an option worth giving a shot. It is especially an ideal option for people that love the taste of cheesecake and blueberries. The flavors have been blended to perfection to deliver a one of a kind vaping experience. During inhalation, the e-juice provides a delectable ripe blueberry taste. When exhaled, it delivers notes of rich cheesecake. What makes it an even better option for your vaping is the fact that it is a versatile e-juice. It is ideal for various seasons and can be vaped at any time of the day. Whether you are vaping the juice from a tank or dripping it, it always delivers great flavor.

Antidote on Ice

The Antidote on Ice is a premium e-liquid from Ruthless Vapor that has been designed to treat you to an exceptional vaping experience. Combining natural and fine quality ingredients, the Antidote on Ice is the ultimate vape juice for adventurous vapers seeking a new vaping experience. The e-liquid features new fruit flavors that are blended to perfection to engage your taste buds during a vape. It blends blue raspberry with mango and a hint of menthol to add a brilliant cooling effect. The mangos are smooth and give a satisfying explosion during inhalation. The menthol kicks in during exhalation with a powerful cooling effect while the blue raspberry finishes it off with an electrifying tart.

Chewberry from Cosmic Fog

The Chewberry is a powerful e-liquid from Cosmic Fog. It has an inexplicable blend of sweet and smooth passion fruit and strawberries. It also marries secret tropical flavors delicately to give a ravishing vaping experience. The vape juice is the perfect option for anyone that seeks a delightful vape with thick clouds and brilliant taste.

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