Premium Watches Make Great Gifts for Men

Picking out the right gift for the man in your life – whether he’s your spouse, a family member or a friend – can be tricky. For those with the means and desire to invest in high-quality goods that will stand the test of time, it’s hard to go wrong with a premium watch. However, choosing the right watch is still a difficult task.

Which premium watch brands produce pieces that can stand the test of time, exude prestige, hold value and serve as status symbols? It can be tough to balance all of these categories, but a few watch brands definitely stand above the rest of the competition.

As such, here are a few premium watch brands to consider as gifts for men this year.


German engineering is known throughout the world as being the gold standard. It should come as no surprise then that German-made premium watches would be featured on our list!

Sinn watches are luxury crafted timekeepers that feature a variety of stylish designs, infused with features such as pressure and water resistance, sapphire crystal glass, dehumidifying technology, and many unique custom leather straps for customers to choose.

You can find the best deals on Sinn premium watches through retailers such as CHRONEXT, which offers certified luxury watches to shoppers on a variety of budgets. You can expect benefits such as certificates of authenticity and warranties when choosing your Sinn watch through them.

You can check out the collection ofSinn at CHRONEXT and learn more about the premium Sinn watches available.


Italian design is considered the pinnacle of fashion in many corners of the world, and Italian watches are no exception to this rule. Another great premium watch brand to consider is Bvlgari, which offers high-end watches made from stainless steel, rose gold and other materials.

Known to hold their value for many years after purchase, Bvlgari watch owners often see their pieces as an investment. As such, this can make a great gift for a man who cares about his finances and values sound investing decisions.

Bvlgari watches range in price from a few thousand pounds to over £10,000.

Tag Heuer

Swiss timepieces have a storied reputation of being the end-all, be-all of watch construction. From the 1800s onward, Switzerland’s dominance in the watch-making industry has been earned.

Tag Heuer is a well-known Swiss brand that produces premium watches ranging in price from £700 to £25,000, using a variety of metals such as bronze, steel, and gold, along with ceramic and carbon fibre in their pieces.

Tag Heuer also takes a different approach to straps than many other entities, producing premium straps in alligator leather, steel, ceramic, rubber, and even tissue. Such an exotic combination of construction materials produces a plethora of unique luxury watches that make great gifts for any man.


Our final premium watch recommendation, Ball, has existed for more than 100 years. Originally designing heavy-duty watches for engineers, railroad workers, and other manual labourers, Ball has since perfected its craftsmanship and merged it with aesthetically-pleasing designs that any man can appreciate.

Ball watches feature shock resistance, anti-magnetic protection and night-reading tech that ensures the watch remains functional 24/7. With built-in thermometers and rugged stainless steel construction available, Ball watches can truly be considered a man’s watch.

While there are many premium and luxury watches available on the market, these four brands in particular offer unique styles and uses that men can appreciate. Whether the man you’re shopping for appreciates style or substance, these watch brands are guaranteed to feature prominently in your gift-shopping experience.

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