If you are buying a luxury swiss watch then this is likely one of your biggest concerns.

How do I know if this watch is actually authentic? It’s a good point. But, we can tell you that it’s not as difficult as you might think to tell the difference between a fake or authentic watch from a top watch brand.

The reason is, people who sell fake watches aren’t legendary watchmakers with centuries of experience. They don’t have access to the latest cutting edge tools, and they tend not use the best materials either.

However, it takes more than a quick glance to figure it out. So we are going to point out the top things to look out for now so you are in the know.


You would be surprised how many fakes are spelt wrong. In large part it is done on purpose so that the seller cannot be taken down and sued. Check the brand name is spelt correctly.


How does the watch feel? Do make a comparison you might need to go to a reputable jeweller and try on some of their watches. Feel what a real watch feels like. Then feel the weight of the watch you are buying. Generally, cheaper materials don’t weigh as much.


Many pre-owned watches come with a certificate. This is definitely one of the best ways to be certain of authenticity. However, just because your watch doesn’t have one doesn’t mean it is a fake.


Who are you buying your watch from? The best place to buy a pre-owned watch is from a trusted site like Chronoexpert. If you buy a watch there you know that it has been checked and verified is authentic.


Make sure you have images of what the watch should look like. Or, if you can go and see it for real. Very often there will be obvious mistakes made such as having a clear casing when it should be solid. Or a watch missing the logo when it should have one.


Where you ever told, if it is too good to be true it probably isn’t. Sadly, this is often the case. Luxury watches are expensive because the materials and labour cost that go into producing them are high. If you are being sold a pre-owned watch at a very low price, the likelihood is, it is a fake.

Check for these signs & don’t be fooled into buying a fake watch. Quality is worth the wait. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this post in the comments below. Are there any signs we have missed?

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