Where to Rent a Boat in San DiegoFor Southern California sunshine and ocean fun, San Diego is hard to beat. Imagine a gorgeous sunset on the water. Imagine a day spent scuba diving off the Southern California coast. Maybe take the water route to Mexico. Maybe you can find a waterfront San Diego sports bar to dock at! All this and more starts with finding where to rent a boat in San Diego.

What Can I See or Do On San Diego Bay?

Not only is San Diego the second largest city in California, it is also the oldest. With the amazingly scenic San Diego Bay as your playground, enjoying this city while on the water is a no-brainer. Experience the sights of San Diego or have yourself a non-stop party on the water, however you decide to do San Diego you can have an unforgettable time by renting a boat.

Throwing a party on the water is also a great thing. Having your company event on a yacht is sure to be a success. Maybe you and the boys have decided to hit San Diego for a bachelor party throw-down. Party time on the water is a sure way to do it up in high style!

What Kind of Boats Are Used as Rentals?

Do you feel like renting a yacht? A Catamaran? How about a sailboat? There are all kinds of power boats and yachts available for renting around the bay too. Being on a boat provides you a unique perspective of the area. A skyline bursting with color, the bay bridge, Coronado Island, Naval warships, whale watching, deep sea fishing are sights to enjoy and activities to pursue.

Checking Out Where to Rent a Boat in San Diego

With a near perfect climate, this Southern California Coastal city has plenty of businesses that rent boats. The listing below is meant as a guide and not a recommendation for any particular boat rental company.

Renting Boats in San Diego, California

Yes, they even have double-decker pontoon boats!

Seaforth Boat Rentals

Seaforth has four locations in the San Diego area. Find them Downtown, in Coronado, on Harbor Island, and in Mission Bay. They offer everything from Stand Up Paddleboards to Wave Runners to Sail Boats to Yachts. Excursions are also available such as a Brunch Cruise, a Sunset Sail, Wave Runner tours and more. Find out more here: https://seaforthboatrental.com

Pacific Boat Rentals

Pacific has a different approach. They offer what they call “U-Tow Jet Ski and Boat Rentals”. This means that you pick up a trailered watercraft and tow it to a boat launch. Either your vehicle must be equipped with a towing package or they have “free tow vehicles” available for your use. Every customer is given their “Boating Introduction” to ensure you know everything you need to know to have an enjoyable hassle free experience. Here’s their website: http://pacificboatrentals.com

Mission Bay Sportcenter

Catamaran Rentals in San Diego, CAMission Bay Sportcenter has a great bayfront location so you are right where you need to be to have some fun on the water. They also have a couple hotel locations too. Sailboats, power boats, catamarans, wave runners and more are available here. A variety of charters are available too. You can see all they have to offer here: https://missionbaysportcenter.com

There are many more places all over this section of the California Coast to fulfill your on the water fun loving needs. Finding where to rent a boat in San Diego, CA is easy, so why not go for it?

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