have yourself a merry little cocktail signThe question on everyone’s lips is: What to drink on Christmas Eve? Yes? No? Maybe? I certainly don’t know your thoughts, but my thoughts are that Christmas Eve is the perfect day and night to seriously get that Christmas cheer flowing! Naturally, I plan on keeping the adult beverages flowing all through Christmas day also. Since we must start somewhere, Christmas Eve is perfect.

Not the Time for Moderation

My answer to the “What to drink?” question is quite simple. Everything and anything! Hold on! Please don’t misunderstand. I am not advocating that you become a “garbage drunk” for the next two days, though intoxication may very well help you deal with or at least endure relatives, in-laws, and over budget spending.

What I am saying is imbibe in your favorites and venture out of your usual so you can explore the wonderful world of alcoholic beverages as yet undiscovered. Drink craft beer. Drink wine. Drink cocktails. Have some punch. Get into the holiday spirit by consuming a reasonable amount of spirits. If you’re in a safe place that does not require driving or doing anything that may cause harm to yourself or others, I say, “What the hell” and push your own personal consumption envelope a little.

The Lowdown on What to Drink on Christmas Eve

Craft Beer for Christmas Eve

christmas waitress holding beers

Pretend she’s holding craft beer…okay?

There are many craft beers to choose from to celebrate the holidays. A few that are generally available nationwide are Bell’s Christmas Ale, Sierra Nevada’s Celebration, and any craft beer that you haven’t sampled previously. Be adventurous. Just go for it.

The Connection: Red Wine and Rudolph’s Red Nose?

Was Rudolph of Red Nosed Reindeerdom sporting a red nose from dipping in some cabernet? I don’t know. But I do know this. When it comes to wine for Christmas and Christmas Eve, I say Port. Dow’s, Fonseca, and Sandeman’s are brands that are usually easy to find and offer tasty ports throughout the port spectrum. Sticking with reds, I say go to California and spend less than $25 a bottle. Ancient Peaks Zinfandel works well, Au Bon Climat 2012 Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir is versatile, and Banshee Mordecai Proprietary Red Blend is a lesser-known standout. Also, J Lohr Syrah is a drop dead deal at around $14 per bottle!

Some Bubbleschampagne filled glasses and christmas ornaments

If you fancy sparkling, Veuve is great, Mumm’s offers value, and the classic champagne is Dom Perignon. Why not enjoy a bubbly Christmastime? Extra points for clinking those glasses during a toast.

Whites for You But Not for Me

I’m not a big fan of white wines. There are plenty of great ones, no doubt, but just not my thing. Doesn’t mean I can’t suggest some from around the USA. From California’s Central Coast, Treana’s 2014 Blanc is a nice blend of mostly Viognier and Marsanne with a bit of Roussanne. Barboursville out of Virginia has a 2015 Reserve Viognier that is well worth your time and effort. Heading back to the west coast, from Oregon look for the 2015 Chehalem INOX Chardonnay. Its quality is above and beyond its price point.

Cocktailing on Christmas Eve! Drink Eggnog!

For cocktails, the first thing you absolutely must drink on Christmas Eve is Egg Nog. Spiked eggnog that is. Itnice glass of eggnog has to have a bit of bourbon or blended whiskey, if you prefer, in it. As far as I’m concerned, alcoholic eggnog is the official adult beverage of Christmas Eve and Christmas. No arguments to the contrary allowed. Period.

Man Up with Classic Cocktails for the Christmas Season

Ready for a cocktail after your alcoholic eggnog? Go classic. Mix a nice martini of your choice using quality gin or vodka (if you must). But please men, leave the apple chocolate berry “whatevertini” for the ladies. If you view that last sentence as sexist, remember the name of this website. Plus, I never mean any harm. The other classic Christmas season cocktail I endorse is non other than the venerable Manhattan. I’m a big scotch fan too, so I also endorse the Rob Roy. It’s Christmas so keep it classic.

Filling the Punchbowl for Christmas Eve

Finally, if you must mix a punch be sure to make vodka your base alcohol. Smirnoff is a brand that is known for quality yet won’t empty your wallet if you get a couple liters for your punch. That’s right, liters. Go big or go home friends! I prefer some frozen condensed juices for intense flavoring along with seltzer and 7-Up to round things out. Pop in some tasty fresh fruit to class up that big bowl of holiday cheer!

There you have my suggestions on what to drink on Christmas Eve and beyond. Enjoy the holiday season to the utmost while imbibing in adult beverages. I’ll leave you with this…Cheers! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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