I am an idiot. Hell, I sure do feel like one. I’ve been out on the road working. I’m making my way home. I have a whole lotta driving to do. I’m on Route 50 in West Virginia and suddenly it hits me. It is Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday. Nothing new there. Except for one thing. One thing I didn’t do was to write The Craft Joint and put it up on Things Men Buy. So, here I am in a parking lot of GoMart in Ellenboro, WV with winter craft beers on my mind cranking this baby out.

Take a Peek

Hauling Yuengling in my back seat

I told you I had cases of Yuengling in the back seat!

Here’s the scene: I’m in my truck. I have four cases of Yuengling in the seat behind me and I have eight hours of highway in front of me before I get back home. I don’t think the beer will last… Hey, that was a joke. The beer lasting part. No craft beer drinking or any while I’m driving. I save that fun for later.

Yuengling. That’s what I’ve been writing about lately. Yuengling and the history of that craft beer and craft brewery.

Not this time. More from Yuengling next time. This column is about winter beers. I’ve been in snow and wind a few days with temps in the 20’s, so the time is ripe to talk winter brew.

Corralling Winter Craft Beer

No Wimpy Beers

Craft beers for winter should be strong. Yeah! I want some serious alcohol kick. Baby, it may be cold outside but brace me up with some alcohol oozing goodness to fight off that winter chill! Winter craft beer needs to be hearty. I don’t want some thin looking, thin tasting, piss-watery looking nonsense, I’m looking for some hearty brew that can throw a punch.

Party Down with Celebration Day!

Celebration Day IPA BottleBeing an unrepentant hop head, Celebration Day from Sierra Nevada is a good winter craft beer from the grandpappy of craft beer makers. It has fresh hops, it is dry hopped too. It smells hoppy because it is hoppy. 62 IBUs means we’ll be sloshing back a bottle of seriously bitter beer. Celebration Day is a great way to celebrate your day.

Rejoice with Jubilation Ale!

Next is Old Jubilation Ale. This craft brewed beer from AveryOld Jubilation Ale Brewing Company in Boulder, CO is a malty delight that is an alcohol contender with 8% ABV. It is dark. You get some hazelnut flavor, and some toffee, and some chocolate. Did I say malt? You betcha. Hold out five fingers. That’s how many different malts are lovingly jammed into this winter delight. Avery has brought it all together and has provided us with this distinct and delicious winter craft brew.

Merry Christmas Ale!

Schlafly's Christmas Ale craft beerSchlafly offers a peach of a craft brew that good for the holidays. They call it Christmas Ale. I call it a taste of the season. Expect orange and clove flavors as you dig into this medium bodied ale. As the name indicates, this beer is all about Christmas. Get one, have a drink, and I dare you to not experience holiday flavors.

Craft Beer and Major German Influence

Out of Wisconsin’s Capital Brewery, we haveBottle of Capital's Dark Doppelbock Dark Doppelbock. The mix of Brewers Malt with /Chocolate, Munich, and Caramel malts helps this hearty dark craft beer hit all my winter brew requirements in high style. It looks rich with that dark color and its heartiness is immediately apparent as each sip reminds you of its full flavor.

Above are four craft beers perfectly suited for blustery wintertime drinking. Get out of the cold. Get into the warm and warm your insides with one or more and then some more of these qualifying winter brews.

Damn. That Yuengling in the back seat is not gonna last. I need to find another beer store. I wonder if the Go Mart sells beer? Cheers my friends!

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John “Big John” Johnson is a serial fun seeker, a lover of craft beer, and enjoys all things adult beverage related. A dedicated online marketer and SEO, he has been described as “Peter Pan with German Work Ethic”. John is also a sleight of hand magician with serious chops, enjoys riding Harleys, practicing martial arts and travel.

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