a great miami martini with olivesWhen planning a night out in Miami or anywhere in South Florida that includes tasty adult beverages the first cocktails that pop into mind are most likely tropical ones with visions of tiny parasols sticking out of your glass. No! Give me a break. We’re at thingsmenbuy.com. Dammit, let’s drink like men. That means martinis. So let’s take a look at a primo bar at which to drink a martini in Miami.

Make it a Gin Martini

Before we get there, I have to offer my opinion about that most classic of all manly cocktails which is the martini. My opinion? Gin. Gin, dry vermouth, and an olive. A gin martini is the best martini. The gin and dry vermouth are poured over fresh ice and stirred and poured into a 5 ounce martini glass. Stirring reduces the dilution of the booze. A 5 ounce glass insures that that drink is poured not too big and becomes warm before you finish it. An olive? Because it works, that’s why.

Discovering What is the Best Place to Have a Martini in Miami

The Traymore Gin Bar

Taking into consideration my viewpoint as expressed above, my choice for the best place to enjoy a martini what is the best place to have a martini in miamiin Miami has to be The Traymore Gin Bar.

You’re in Miami so that means Art Deco and this fine establishment surrounds you with that both subtly visually and in the ambience. At the same time, The Traymore is modern. It is bright. Its in a hotel lobby that has great energy. (Face it, people milling and moving about can be both fun and interesting.) Nuts and olives are served by your personable bartender. Did I mention the platters shimmer? They do. Shimmering platters of nuts and olives. Yeah, that’s a selling point to me…go figure! They even supply a freestanding rack that can be placed alongside your lady’s barstool so she can hang her purse on it! The music playing in the background is as tastefully chill as the laid back swankiness of the scene.

Let’s get to the stars of this show. The martinis!

There is a skill, an acquired skill, a knack if you will to craft a truly spectacular martini. I’ve know bartenders for years and they’ve been tending even longer than I’ve know them and they just can’t quite nail a superior martini. Others seem to have the gift, the magic touch of mixology that elevates their martinis to valhalla level. Somehow, The Traymore Gin Bar has staff with this mystical expertise. They do it right.

As I said, Gin for your Martini!

As the name implies, Gin is the featured guest, the superstar of this bar. They have, for your choosing, more gins than you probably knew existed. Over 30 gins. Wow! There are familiar brands and off theinterior of traymore gin bar at the como hotel beaten path artisanal gins all competing for your attention. Start off with a classic martini. Enlist the expertise of your bartender to select your poison. Then, relish the bare naked flavorness of this classic cocktail.

What is the best place to have a martini in Miami? My vote goes to The Traymore Gin Bar. The Traymore is located in the lobby of the Como Metropolitan Miami Beach Hotel at 2445 Collins Avenue. Enjoy with and in class.

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