It depends which part of the world you live in as to what an Extra Dry Martini is.  Here in the USA, an Extra Dry Martini is one with no vermouth whatsoever.

An Extra Dry Martini is also known as a ‘bone-dry’ or a ‘desert’ martini. When a bartender is making an extra dry variety they will sometimes leave the bottle top on the vermouth and symbolically pour it over the martini drink.

How To Make a Dry to Extra Dry Martini

What You’ll Need

1/16 oz of dry vermouth

1 3/4 oz of gin

How To Make It Dry

  1. Chill cocktail glass by adding ice and set it aside
  2. Add 1/16 oz of dry vermouth over ice to long glass you are using for mixing purposes
  3. Add 1 3/4 oz of gin
  4. Stir in one direction 50 times (or however many you have time for!)
  5. Dump the ice out of cocktail glass
  6. Strain finished drink into cocktail glass

How To Make It Extra Dry

The drier you want your martini, the less vermouth you add.  You could add enough vermouth just to coat the glass or if you want it very extra dry or if you want it bone/desert dry then do not add any vermouth at all.  (I have no idea why this particular variety of “martini” is even called one – it sounds more like a gin (or a vodka) on the rocks to me!!)

extra dry martini


Beware though, if you go travelling, you could end up with a completely different drink! My Gran lives in the UK and over their an extra dry martini is a particular type of Vermouth.

Gran used to enjoy her extra dry martini on the rocks with lemonade, a splash of freshly squeezed lime juice and a slice of lemon – no gin or vodka in sight! When I visited her in the summer, she would make a pitcher of this delightful mix and bring it out for us all to enjoy with our lunch.

How To Make A ‘Classic’ Dry Martini

This guy is great, obviously loves his martini, made properly with gin and very ‘manly’ – worth watching! His choice of cocktail glass sucks though in my opinion! (You can get some great drinking glasses at Advanced Mixology, check it out here).

He’s totally right, there are SO many ways to drink your martini, it’s totally up to you and your guests! Have a look here for some ideas.

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