what is the best place to drink a martini in las vegas nevadaWow! Martinis and Las Vegas are synonymous. Aren’t they? Its Vegas, Baby. Drink the drink of James Bond. Drink the drink of Dean Martin. Come on, men, belly up! But, what is the best place to have a martini in Las Vegas? Where the hell do you even begin with that question?

So Many Martinis, So Much Las Vegas

Think about it. There’s got to be a zillion places to drink in Sin City. If you’re alone, where do you go? How about on a date? What about your buds bachelor party?I’ve been to Vegas countless times and I keep finding new places to drink while still finding the time to visit favorites. Hey, we’re talking Las Vegas…Nevada. There’s always fun for men to be had!

Things can change often in the “Neon Oasis” and I roll with that. I had to say that just in case you thought this was going to be some lame “things aren’t as good as they used to be” blather. Even though I would have loved to have been around to drink martinis in Vegas during the Rat Pack era when “The Chairman” (that’s Frank Sinatra, of course) held court and threw down with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford, I live in the present. I drink in the present.

I can imagine Rat Pack partying. I can imagine emulating Oceans 11 etc. Las Vegas action. But, there’s some serious action happening in the here and now. I like that. I do my best to live that. And with that in mind, I’m going to offer great places to have martinis in Las Vegas. Use this as an guide to, a starter, some drink felt information that you can take and expand upon to drink the ultimate adult beverage and have some outrageous debauched fun.

Damn, I need to hit Vegas again soon. Anyway, I’m not going to be so presumptuous as to think my opinion is the do all and end all. That’s why I said use what I’m about to tell you as a guide. Ready, set, go.

What is the Best Place to Have a Martini in Las Vegas?

Visiting the Fireside Lounge

The Peppermill. Specifically, The Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill. This is my personal favorite. It is classic Sin City all the way. Mirrors, neon, and a flaming pool. Hell no, not a swimming pool that’s on fire…fireside lounge at the peppermill in vegasplease. The fire pool is more like a mix of a fireplace and a shallow wishing well. Think of the “Casino” flick and maybe you remember seeing this bar.

Whether your mission is romancing the one you’re with, digging classic Vegas, or just wanting to enjoy dynamite martinis served up by dynamite looking servers, The Fireside Lounge at the Peppermill is primo. I think they have maybe a dozen martinis from gin or vodka classics (there’s that word again) to liqueur and fruit infused specialties. In other words, something for every taste without being overwhelming.

Trust me. Just go to The Fireside Lounge. Have a martini or two to start or finish your night in this neon wonderland.

Chicago Brewing Company Downtown Vegas 

the chicago brewing company for martinis in las vegas downtownIf you’re downtown and want to have a cigar along with your Martini, don’t miss the Chicago Brewing Company at the Four Queens. Don’t let the name throw you, this bar specializing in craft beer will serve you a killer martini. This place is also a sports bar and they have great food. Come on men, you can drink a martini of your choice here while smoking a bad ass cigar, copping the munchies, and watching the game. Even in Vegas, it’s not easy to find a chill joint that offers all that.

Martinis with a View at Mandarin Oriental

Do you want a view with that Las Vegas martini? Any talk about the best place to have a martini in Las Vegas would be terminally lacking without mentioning the Mandarin Bar at the Mandarin Oriental. Hang on fellas, we just jumped into the modern age. Check it out, 23 stories above the city, glass walls giving you adrinking martinis at mandarin bar in vegas wide open view of City Center and the rest of Vegas, top-flight mixologists with the chops to caress premium alcohol into unsurpassed martinis. The Mandarin Bar oozes swankiness. A top-shelf classy bar that can’t help but impress anyone who walks in. Be adventuresome and go for at least one of their creative signature martinis like the namesake Mandarin Martini or the Cucumber French.

Checking Out the Red Square Ice Bar

Another not to miss martini hot spot is at Mandalay Bay. Red Square is a unique bar that throws you back to the Cold War era. If Lenin pisses you off, get over your bad self because there’s a huge statue of him here. Focus on the booze! Offering some 200 vodkas from around the world, even James Bond would need a vacation if he tried to put a dent in their stock! Did I mention where you can enjoy these fine martini worthy vodkas? At the ice bar. That’s right. Ice Bar. They have an ice bar inside their sub-zero vodka vault. How can you not be down with that?!?! Geezus, I love Vegas.

Are there more premium bars that have serious martinis in Las Vegas? Oh, hell yes! But what I provided here will def get you going and I’m sure an inquiry or two will lead you to more martini adventures in Sin City. See you there.

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