checking out the top place to have a martini in Boston, MASince I am a big fan of the classic martini and since I have a big appreciation of history, it’s natural to combine the two. For me, the best time to enjoy martinis and quality adult beverages, in general, is before, during, and after checking out local history. Why limit yourself, eh? With that in mind, I want to figure out what is the best place to have a martini in Boston. You can imbibe in martinis in any city, but there’s something that feels rightly rebellious about drinking a martini here.

Martinis and Puritans…What?!?!

Boston was founded by Puritans. Not exactly the most party-hardy of folks. What better way to rub their face in it, much after the fact but still appealing to a hedonistic iconoclast like me, than to quaff ridiculously stiff drinks while engaging in fun-loving frivolity with like-minded men and women. Heavy emphasis on women. Take that you fun sucking Puritans!

When drinking martinis, atmosphere is everything. Well, its everything as long as you have an expert martini mixer behind the bar doing things right. Many places have martini menus ten feet long including every flavor and permutation you may or may not have imagined. Let me tell you what, it all starts with the classic ingredients of gin (always my preference) or vodka and dry vermouth. To get respect from me, the tender has to get the classic right.

Finding Out What is the Best Place to Have a Martini in Boston

Oak Long Bar and Kitchenthe popular oak long bar for martinis

They get martinis right at the Oak Long Bar and Kitchen. Traffic-wise, Boston can be a tough town to get around. Parking is a real bear. Public transportation is your friend. Hey, we’re drinking martinis here after all. So, hotel bars are the place to be for me. The atmosphere, the variety of people, and the top shelf cocktails. Pricey…usually, but worth it in my book. With that in mind, the best place to have a martini in Boston is the Oak Long Bar and Kitchen at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel.

Dress to impress and be ready to drop some coin at this 4 Star, 4 Diamond hotel in operation since 1912. The Back Bay location of the historic Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel is easy walking distance to a number of Fairmont Copley Plaza has Fantastic Cocktailshistoric sights in Boston including Beacon Hill.

The Oak Long Bar and Kitchen features a copper top bar, hand-crafted cocktails, and farm to table dining with locally sourced ingredients. They won the “Best Hotel Bar” in Boston Magazine’s annual Best of Boston competition for 2017. Also in 2017, they won Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence. This means that locals and out of towners love this place!

Pay to Play Boston Martini Time!

The scene trends a little older, but this place is lively and a great place to get social while you’re sipping their amazing, and huge, classic martini! I’m talking next level martini here. Expert mixing and execution, killer presentation, and you get plenty for your $22 cocktail spend.

If you don’t know how to order a martini, click here!

You are served the best martini in Boston in appropriate glassware with your very own martini filled carafe iced down in your very own martini chilling pail. Don’t bitch, don’t wimp out, go here and gladly throw down your big limit credit card for a massive martini and order up some incredible food too. Your taste buds will be thanking you forever.

I feel a Boston vacation calling me…

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