Lately I’ve been on an absolute tear when it comes to eating at some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas.  Heck, I’ve been doing a lot of travel this Summer, which means I’ve been eating out quite a bit, which I’m not mad about.

While there are some premium steak houses that dominate my “Must Do” in Las Vegas list, I always make it a point to get my fixing of beef pho noodle soup at Pho Kim Long Vietnamese restaurant in Spring Valley.   Click that link if you are curious about it and want to read a review of the establishment on a travel website that I also contribute to.

Pho Soup Pic

I wish we had this growing up in Minnesota. It would have been amazing after playing hockey in the cold.

What on Earth is Pho?

Pronounced “fuh,” Pho is the national dish of Vietnam.  It’s a delightful (did I just use that word?) noodle soup that in my opinion, puts chicken noodle soup to shame. The fragrant soup consists of rice noodles and thinly sliced beef and is served with fresh herbs and sprouts that you can add at your own discretion.  Most places serve it with optional additions like sriracha and hoisin.  Some places also use fish sauce, garlic vinegar, and other additions.  Much like chili, there is no right or wrong recipe!

In North America, we are used to eating soups on cold days, mostly for lunch and dinner.  However, in Vietnam, this is a breakfast dish that is widely available across the country.  Making a proper stock can take a couple days, and it’s not the easiest of broths to make.  I’ve been to restaurants in South Florida that feature a Japanese and Thai menu that have tried offering up Pho as a way to boost business.  Let’s just say they should stick to what they are known for.

My favorite flavor is beef pho noodle soup.  To me, there is nothing as tasty as a beef broth. I once tried the seafood pho, and it wasn’t a comparison.  I’m currently putting together an expose on the best places to get Pho in the United States.  Bare with me as it’ll take some time, and you know I’ll be starting my search in Las Vegas!


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