Wow, just in time for me to get in shape, which is a recurring theme this year, lol.

Under Armour Released 500 New Items Online!

Here is what came in my inbox today:

New UA Items!

——>  Visit Them Online Here.

They are also having a sale on certain items.  I saw items up to 30% off.  I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of this and buying a lot of goods for the upcoming Fall Season.  If you don’t know my love for Under Armour brand of clothing and apparel, I urge you to read my UA clothing review.  I also have big coupons in there that will get you free shipping and much, much more.

I shop this brand, even over Nike.  I loved Nike Dri Fit but never really found it comparable once Under Armour launched. In my book, they took center stage and really did the most for me.

Just an update on my New Years Resolutions, for what it’s worth.

I’m down 11-14 pounds, depending on when I weigh in.  Typically I indulge during the weekends, like most people out there. I work hard, and I play hard.  I like to golf, which is why I secured a nice partnership with Greg Norman and have some great shirts that I personally review if you hit that link.   I’m really taking the gym more seriously, and incorporating more weight training than cardio these days, and I’m seeing a nice effect in my body composition.  You see, I thought cardio alone would help me lose weight, but it’s a balance between diet, lifting weights, and doing cardio.  The cardio alone won’t do it or you’ll get “skinny fat,” as people say.  I definitely don’t want to be “skinny fat” and will do about anything to make sure that I can look good and more importantly, feel good.  Feeling good is the utmost important thing about living, because without energy, what do we have?  We are tired, groggy, and worthless if we don’t have energy.

So far, so good.  At the halfway point of this year I’m on a nice trend.  I need to be more cognizant of the blog and updating things more frequently, but that will come.  I have a lot of new initiatives and those take up time.  We’re still getting revved up here, and we’re about to turn one year old!  That’s a big thing and I’m looking forward to having this site for a very long time.

That’s my mid year update.  For more information about what I’ve been up to, and my digital nomad lifestyle, I urge you to read this blog post.  (It’s for another business I own, which teaches affiliate marketing.)

Salud, and happy Sunday!



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