As we’re in the thick of the best part of the football season, the NFL playoffs, I’ve been going into overdrive in my consumption of football news and came across this article in the Boston Herald. It talks about how New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is wearing Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear to rest and recuperate better. It’s one of the many new items that UA announced at the recent CES 2017 event.

If you’ve visited this site before, you know we’re huge fans of the UA brand and were enthralled with the technology that is being utilized to help us sleep-deprived folks. The secret is the in the material and patterns used, that they become basically “smart pajamas” that absorb infrared wavelengths and reduce inflammation, helping you rest better and promoting better recovery time.

For athletes, there is nothing better to deal with the bumps and bruises than getting good rest. Time heals all wounds, but NFL players only have one week off between games. Maximizing all their efforts to recuperate is essential. With apparel like this, Brady can squeeze more recovery into his time between games.

They even produced the following QVC parody commercial to promote these new products:

I have to imagine that something like this would be huge for athletes in other sports as well. It wouldn’t surprise me if Stephen Curry wears Under Armour sleepwear as well, considering they are playing sometimes 4 or 5 nights a week and have even less time to rest and recover.

It would probably be a great investment for body builders as well. Your muscles are torn up at the gym, and growth occurs when the muscle repairs itself between lifting sessions. With Under Armour’s relationship with The Rock, and with how much of a beast he is in the gym, I wouldn’t do he is wearing this stuff in his sleep as well.

I’m definitely planning on picking up a pair of these pajamas the next time I go on a UA shopping spree, which is happening quite often these days and filling my closet with my favorite brand of apparel. Can’t say enough about the stuff they keep releasing, they’re light years ahead of the competition in terms of innovation.

tom brady sleeps in UA athlete recovery sleepwear pajamas

These days, if I’m not dressed up to go out for dinner or drinks or other event, I’m more than likely wearing some kind of athletic gear. Around the house, out to the gym, out for a run, I’m pretty much wearing UA from head to toe and inside and out (including UA boxers, the best fitting undergarments I’ve ever worn).

I figure since I’m wearing their stuff all the time while I’m awake, I may as well follow Tom Brady’s lead and see what their gear can do for me in my sleep as well, and I’ll definitely be trying these out to see if they can help me sleep better. I also like that this apparel is part of a two-part plan for better sleep, the other part being the Sleep Recovery System added to the UA Record app. This program tracks your sleep over the course of 14 days and gives you a score on how well you slept. I’m sure I can glean a lot of good info out of that, and I’ll be curious to see how I score before and after using their sleepwear.

I love this brand and what they’re doing in all facets, always raising the bar. Can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

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