natural beauty shown here in hondurasHeard of Honduras? Maybe Roatan? Even though Honduras might not be the most famous Central American country, there are lots of fun things to do in Honduras. Whether your idea of a vacation is chilling or doing as many activities as humanly possible, this Ohio-sized country has you covered.

Honduras, the second largest country in Central America, offers much to the interested vacationer and travel deals can be found. You can explore Mayan ruins out in the jungle, take a hike through a rain forest, or simply enjoy the view from a beachside hammock. In Roatan, more on this place later, there is fantastic scuba diving.

However you like to do your travel fun, scenic Honduras has plenty of options for you. If you have the time, the budget and desire, you could start with Honduras, then check out Nicaragua, spend time enjoying Costa Rica, and finish up in Panama.

Discovering Things to Do in Honduras

Right now, let’s take a look at some Honduran vacation offerings that I think Things Men Buy readers would enjoy. As always, search for deals on travel. You might be surprised how much money you can save.

Visit Mayan Ruins

Man, how could anyone resist this! There are Mayan ruins at Copan, which is in western Honduras near the border with Guatemala. Talk about historical importance! Copan was jamming from 300 to 900 A.D. Then, poof, everyone left. Abandoned suddenly. You can see plazas, altars, temples and the Hieroglyphic Stairway among other things. Those 1800 carved glyphs along the Hieroglyphic Stairway are a sensational example of Mayan writing!

Explore the Bay Islands in the Caribbean

Want some beach and ocean time? Hell, I do! For spectacular beach and ocean enjoyment head out 50 miles, give or take, off the Honduran north coast to the Bay Islands. Plenty of English spoken here and these islands are super popular for scuba diving and snorkeling and for good reason. They sit on what’s called the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. This is the second-largest coral reef in the whole world.

The largest island, Roatan, (see, I didn’t forget) has accommodations that will likely fit your budget. Not free though, get real. How about an iguana farm? How about botanical gardens? Maybe a butterfly farm? Yep, Roatan has all of those. Oh, you want beaches? Visualize white sandy beaches just waiting for you.

Talking about enjoying the beach, check out Beach Club Roatan. They offer a hassle-free, vendor-free private beach experience. You can Jetski, go horseback riding, snorkeling, glide around on a Segway, hang at their beach, or eat and drink at Lionfish Louies. You can also visit The Booty Bar on the West End of Roatan is a popular spot to eat and drink. That’s a little about Roatan, Honduras.

Another popular Bay Island is Utila. Utila is the smallest of the Bay Islands. It is ideal for backpackers. There are bars with drink specials every night. I say, “Hallelujah” to that! Expect awesome beaches and if you ever wanted to become a certified diver, you can find some of the cheapest PADI scuba diving certifications courses anywhere. There’s a little more local culture here too.

There’s a third island named Guanaja. If you want to avoid crowds, this is the island for you. They still have hotels and activities including fishing, but its just not as popular as the other two Bay Islands.

So there you go, more upscale Roatan, middle of the road Utila, and mellow Guanaja are your Honduran Bay Islands.

Lago de Yojoa

Back on mainland Honduras, Lago de Yojoa is the largest lake in the country. Experience parks filled with natural beauty and incredible biodiversity surrounding this lake. Your visit here can include bird-watching (not as unmanly as some may think), rowing around the lake, checking out waterfalls, and hiking the parks. Allow a few days here to take it all in. Oh, guess what? There’s also a microbrewery here! It used to be the only one in Honduras. I’m talking about the D&D Brewery.

D&D Brewery is also a lodge and restaurant. It really should be your headquarters for things to do in Honduras at Lago de Yojoa. You can do things on your own or choose cool stuff to do with a guide.
D&D, however, is not the only game in town at this lake. For example, go to any of the restaurants that dot the rim of the lake and you can chow on fresh fried trout with the head still on it! It is a special dish of the area.

picture of pulhapanzak waterfall Finally, I want to mention something that really gets me all amped up that you can do at this beautiful lake in Honduras. Pulhapanzak Falls is there and it is a dynamite waterfall. It is 43 feet high. Guess what you can do there? Zip-line for one. You can actually zip-line directly across the Pulhapanzak Falls. These are some roaring falls which makes it all the more “must do” for me!

If you prefer, or in addition to, you can explore Pulhapanzak Falls. All you have to do is hire a guide and they will take you all through and also behind the cascading water of these falls! Sounds like pure fun and excitement to me.

Hope I got you started thinking about an exciting vacation in Honduras. Lots of things to do in this country. I merely scratched the surface. What now? Just go do it.


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