Date Ideas for Summer Adventure

Who doesn’t love summer? Getting out in the sun, enjoying yourself outdoors and taking in some wilderness and going on an adventure. It doesn’t get much better than that, except only if you have a loved one with you.

It’s a great idea to mix in some adventurous¬†dates with your significant other to keep your relationship spontaneous and strong. If you’re already an outdoorsy, adventurous couple as-is, well you have a leg up on most of us and this article isn’t for you. But if you are the types who stick to the norm, like a dinner and a movie date, then read on!

Best Dates for an Adventurous Summer

Here are a few ideas of great dates to take her on when it’s summertime and the weather is fine!

fun date idea horseback riding

Horseback Riding

No matter where you live, there has to be a stable somewhere near you where you can go and ride horses for the day. If you live in an urban area, obviously you’ll have to travel a little bit to the outskirts of the city, but you can find someplace relatively near you where you can get a guided horseback ride.

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Use Yelp and Google to your advantage and find the right stable for what you’re looking for, as well as the right location. Ideally, you find a stable that will take you out in an isolated area so you can enjoy some time together away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

go paddle boarding for a date

Paddle Boarding

What a great way to spend a summer day! There’s gotta be a body of water around you, no matter if it is the ocean, a lake, a river, a stream or a canal, that would be perfect for the two of you to get out on the water and get a little workout in while you’re at it. All you need is a paddle and a board, which can easily be rented if you do a quick internet search, and you’re all set!

If you’re both novices, a calm lake or river is probably the best bet so you two can take it easy and just enjoy making your way along the water. If you want to add some adventure, do it in the ocean (if you’re coastal) or a river with some rapids.

go out for a hike on a date


Similar to getting out on horseback, just using your own two feet! Maybe you have a place in mind nearby that you’ve been dying to explore, otherwise, you can Google some great hikes in your area for some suggestions.

To add some adventure, pick a place with some hilly or rough terrain and get your workout in while enjoying the outdoors together. Throw some lunch and some wine into your backpack and enjoy a picnic when you reach the summit or somewhere with a particularly beautiful view.

In Conclusion


There’s a ton of different ways to get out and enjoy the outdoors on a beautiful summer day, these are just a few that come to mind right away and would be winners every time. It’s time to get away from the typical night on the couch or dinner and a movie and do something different. Get out there and enjoy your time together!

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