There are many reasons you may want to buy a paddleboard, but there is a high chance that you intend to surf on open waters. While newbies may not know it, expert surfers know that not all SUPs are the same. So how can you find the best paddleboards that are good for the money and outdoors? You can find out more in the section below.

Find the Best Paddle Boards

Why do you Need a Paddleboard?

Not sure whether you want to invest in one? There are many reasons why a stand-up paddleboard could be the best thing to buy right now. It is no news that there is a restriction in movement this period, putting a dent in your travel plans. But this does not mean that you have to keep shut indoors.

Using a surfboard in open waters isn’t just a great way to meditate and deal with the stress associated with these trying times. You also wouldn’t have to worry about social-distancing when you are alone on a SUP.

What type of SUP do you Need?

Again you want to try and find out about the different types of surfboards and decide which one is best for you. While there are many options available, the five main types of surf paddles include

  • Shortboard
  • Longboard
  • Funboard
  • Fish
  • Gun

Shortboards lack stability compared to others, so they are not the right choice for beginners. They are more suited to experts who have experience with maneuvering and balancing. Funboards are a better option for beginners as they come with additional stability that makes them easy to maneuver when riding a high wave. Longboards are also great for first-timers in open waters, but they are not suitable for learning in shallow pools.

Shopping for Paddleboards

There are hundreds of thousands of SUPs available for sale, and finding the best one for you may be a challenge. Surfboards are personal gear, so you would have to pick one yourself. Expert surfers believe that the paddles do more than help with support and traveling; they also help connect with your body in rhythmic movements. When in the market for quality surf mounts, you want to consider the following factors.

1.    Transport

You want to consider how you will get your gear to the beach each time you want to surf. If you stay close to the water, it may not be a big deal carrying it on the arm, but if you travel from miles away, you want to consider your mode of transport. You have the option of going for inflatable SUPs that are travel friendly. You can learn more from this website about carrying your surf gear in your car.

2.    Balance

One important aspect of surfing is being able to balance on the water while maneuvering through the waves. While you would have to be the one to control your movements, the beam can help with keeping you steady as you move. You may want to consider options with enough room to work with if you are new to surfing.

3.    Durability

Most SUPs cost a lot of coffee cups, and if you don’t want to lose sleep over getting a replacement, you should ensure you get a quality product. You can find brands that feature a mix of materials, but you should look out for fiberglass, bamboo, or a high-quality PVC material.

4.    Weight Capacity

Most paddles are designed to support a range of weight distribution, so you want to get one capable of supporting yours. It is usually measured in pounds, and the best brands typically have options available in several weight distributions.

5.    Price

You would have to spend to get a quality product and even more if you choose to buy specially crafted ones. But this is not to say there are no reasonably priced options available. There is the alternative of going for second-hand SUPs, but you want to do well to go for the ones that can still hold up for a few more outing at sea. You can check this link for how to find affordable quality SUP.

Final Note

You will need a SUP if you intend to have a nice time surfing at the beach. There is the option of renting out from a surfing club, but if you want to become an expert at riding sea waves, you want to invest in the best paddles.


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