Your man cave is one of your favorite places to hang out with your buddies, practice your hobbies, or just chill out away from family hustle and bustle. You’ll miss it when you move to a new home, but that’s just what you’re about to do. Of course, earmarking a space for your private sanctum is on your mind even if it isn’t on anyone else’s.

Before you head out to look at Utah real estate, have a family meeting in which everyone contributes to a list of things they’d like to see in a new house and agree on how important each one would be in the final choice. Make sure your man cave is on that list! Now, print out a checklist that you and your spouse can use to evaluate homes based on the attributes you’ve agreed on.

The Best Location for Your Man Cave

Ideally, you want your man cave out of the way so that your family won’t complain when you and your friends get a bit noisy. That makes outbuildings a great choice – provided they’re big enough. If there’s extra garage space for man crave, it might do, but an outside flatelt would be first prize since you’ll even have kitchen and bathroom facilities on hand. Attics and basements are also popular choices and failing that, a room at the far end of the house could serve your purpose.

Size Matters

Part of the joy of having a man cave is having a place for the “treasures” you like to collect but that seem like nothing less than junk and clutter to other people in your household. And, since your taste in TV might not match your wife and kids’ choices, you should have enough space for a sofa and a TV. You’ll want a bar, too, even if all it consists of is a cupboard with a few drinking glasses and a small refrigerator.

All of this means having space, and more is better depending on how much of a collector of stuff you are. If you’re looking at a space that’s smaller than the one you already have, you’ll have to decide whether you can get rid of some of your hoard. That can be hard to do, but if you can identify something you could live without, it will make packing up and moving easier.

Stake Your Claim From the Get Go

In all the excitement of choosing a house, and with each family member having their own set of priorities, you might want to make absolutely sure that everyone knows where you staked your claim.

Once again, your list of desirable home criteria sees the light as you all discuss your choice for the last time before making a final offer. It’s like a little agenda, and a couple of skips away from the spacious lounge area, the big yard for the dog, and the bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, your man cave gets its share of attention. With all in agreement about the choice of a house, you can also rest assured that your sanctum has a new home of its own too. Sneaky, but cool!


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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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