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The Internet is a fun and interesting place with lots of unique things for us to learn about and look at. This strangeness hasn’t scared us away thus far!

And when it comes to shopping, some of the most interesting and thought-provoking products are the ones that we immediately want to add to our online shopping carts.

Guess what? We decided to scour your favorite destinations for online retail and we’ve come across so many brilliant items that you didn’t even know existed. Get ready and prepare to open your heart and wallet for some of the incredible products that we’ve found!  These are the things men buy top picks!

Quirky Things You Should Buy Right Now!

  • RSVP Tea Infuser Floating Duck

RSVP Tea Infuser Floating Duck

Life’s little things usually make us smile and this tea infuser made of a floating duck certainly fits the bill. Put your favorite loose-leaf tea in the stainless-steel portion and brew it to your heart’s content. You’re bound to love this gorgeous tea infuser.

  • 5-Pound Bag of Peanut M&Ms

5-Pound Bag of Peanut M&Ms

Why would anyone need a 5-pound bag of Peanut M&Ms? The real question you should be asking is why when you need one! This giant bag is available on your favorite online retailer and you can buy peanut or regular M&Ms if you prefer. Even better, they now sell peanut butter M&Ms too, which are absolutely delicious. All three varieties are incredibly popular!

  • Window Enclosure for Cats

Window Enclosure for Cats

This amazing window enclosure provides a box for your cat to sit in that delivers panoramic views. It’s perfect because it nestles directly in front of the majority of home windows and has bars that will keep your cat protected and safe. It gives indoor cats the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a safe and effective manner. Give your indoor cat the gift of sunshine and fresh air this year!

  • Receipt Scarf from CVS

Receipt Scarf from CVS

Do you know what I always found fascinating about CVS receipts? It feels like it’s 10 million miles long. It’s got a bunch of coupons and messages and all sorts of stuff that always makes me laugh when I look at it. That’s why it’s the perfect item to transform into a black and white receipt fleece scarf.

  • Funwares Dinosaur Dip and Snack Set

Funwares Dinosaur Dip and Snack Set

You can definitely put your nachos and cheese in a typical bowl. Or, you can have a lot of fun and buy this prehistoric green dinosaur chip and dip set. It’ll be the perfect way to show off your snacks.

  • Levitating Moon Lamp from VGAzer

Levitating Moon Lamp from VGAzer

Light up your life in a beautiful way and never feel afraid of the dark again with this amazing levitating moon lamp. It uses magnets to levitate in a way that almost seems magical.

  • Coca-Cola Bun Warmer and Hot Dog Steamer

Coca-Cola Bun Warmer and Hot Dog Steamer

Are you ready to cook a very easy and convenient lunch? How about an easy to make dinner? Grab your hotdogs and this amazing steamer that has over 5000 positive reviews on the top retailer’s website.

Summer barbecues have never been better with this hot dog steamer that holds up to 12 buns and 24 hotdogs.

Just add water, put the cover back on, and crank it up to high. In no time flat, your hotdogs will be steamed in 15-20 minutes and you’ll have warm buns to eat them on.

  • Giant Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Giant Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Do you enjoy lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday? This gigantic 5-foot bean bag chair is a great option for adults and children alike. It’s beautiful, it’s available in an array of gorgeous colors, and it’s one of the highest rated and affordable chairs like this on the Internet.

  • Bread Shaped Body Pillow

Bread Shaped Body Pillow

Everyone feels comforted by carbs, right? I bet you never thought those carbs would bring you physical comfort. Some genius combined physical comfort and carbohydrates together to create a bread shaped body pillow. You may never get out of bed again once you have this amazing baguette pillow in your possession!

  • Night Light Star Projector

Night Light Star Projector

This is not your typical nightlight by any means. Plug it into the wall and it will project stars made of 17 different colors onto the ceiling. The lights are customizable and it also has a timer, so it’s not going to run needlessly all night long. I bet you wouldn’t mind owning one too.

  • Food Separation Dividers from Food Cubby

Food Separation Dividers from Food Cubby

Are you the kind of person that dislikes it when their food touches? Food Cubby understands your plight and finally did something about it. They created dividers that will divide your plate into sections, which will prevent different foods from touching each other.

  • Plush Octopus (Reversible)

Plush Octopus (Reversible)

This plushy Octopus is much more than a common and average toy. You could flip it inside out and it’s different colors. There are multiple color combinations to choose from as well. On one side, there is an adorable grumpy face and the other side has a smiling happy face. Your kids will love it.

  • Plastic Watermelon Popsicle Water Bottle

Plastic Watermelon Popsicle Water Bottle

No matter what you believe, your current water bottle isn’t nearly as cute as this gorgeous watermelon popsicle. Its beautiful design is available in a wide range of colors including watermelon colors that are pink and green. It has a long strap also, so you can keep it right at your side all day without holding it in your hands.

  • Nightlight for the Toilet Bowl

Nightlight for the Toilet Bowl

Are you tired of blinding yourself by turning on the bathroom light in the middle of the night? This is no longer an issue because the nightlight toilet bowl light is available in 16 different colors. There are also 5 levels of brightness to set them to, to provide maximum comfort.

  • BigMouth Weener Soap

BigMouth Weener Soap

This is the perfect gift for guys that have a tough time keeping their private parts clean! This ring soap will have your wiener clean in no time at all.

  • Head Support Travel Pillow

Head Support Travel Pillow

Also known as the ostrich pillow, this ingenious invention provides incredible neck support. It’s great if you’re trying to catch a nap at work or if you’re struggling to fall asleep on a long flight. It will help you sleep safely and soundly in maximum comfort.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

Do you dream about becoming a professional singer one day? Do you ever feel like you belong on American Idol? Are you constantly singing in front of the mirror? This microphone is also available in a number of different colors including pink, black, blue, red, silver, rose gold, and many more. Take your karaoke singing to the next level!

  • Plush Dog Toys (2-in-1)

Plush Dog Toys (2-in-1)

Dogs absolutely love plush toys because they enjoy ripping them open and tearing them to shreds. This toy will surprise your pup tremendously! Once your pooch rips it open, it’s going to find another hidden toy inside and completely intact, which leads to twice the fun.

  • Strawberry Children’s Armchair with Pillows

Strawberry Children’s Armchair with Pillows

Are you looking for an adorable upgrade for your child’s playroom? This strawberry colored armchair with beautiful giant strawberry pillows is a great addition to every room. It’s available in red, blue, and pink colors.

  • Mounted Kitty Bed

Mounted Kitty Bed

Cats always love hanging around, right? Now your little kitty can hang out in the window and take naps in this beautiful and innovative suction bed that sticks directly to the window.

  • Boyfriend Body Pillow

Boyfriend Body Pillow

This unique body pillow is made in the shape of your boyfriend. You can pretend you’re snuggling in the crook of his arm. It’s available in eight colors including red, blue, purple, maroon, green, black, and more. It’s ultra-comfortable as well because it’s a feather down pillow.

  • Reusable Wine Pouch

Reusable Wine Pouch

Are you planning to go to a tailgating party soon? Or maybe you’re thinking about going to the beach or a concert? No matter what venue you go to, having a discreet glass of wine available is always a plus. This foldable wine bottle is something that you can take with you wherever you go.

  • Tour de Pizza Cutter

Tour de Pizza Cutter

This unique pizza cutter comes in the shape of a bicycle. It’s unconventional, crazy looking, and just what the doctor ordered. It’s made with nonstick sharp wheels that are made of stainless steel.

  • Rubber Chicken Purse

Rubber Chicken Purse

Do you love chickens? Are you obsessed with them? Then you’ll absolutely adore this cute little chicken purse! It will definitely get plenty of attention because the fine details are perfect and very hard not to notice.

  • Adult Drink Pouches (100 Count)

Adult Drink Pouches (100 Count)

Have you ever wanted to have a discreet pouch on hand that could hold your favorite alcoholic beverage? These pouches are perfect because they come with colorful straws and they’re ideal for holding your favorite cocktails too!

  • Foot Socks Dusters

Foot Socks Dusters

Not only will dusting become easier, it’s also going to be a lot of fun when wearing dust mop slippers. Put them over your socks or shoes and walk around like normal on your dusty floors. It will actually mop up the dust and clean the floors as you walk around.

  • Reusable Sandwich Holder

Reusable Sandwich Holder

This reusable sandwich Holder and Berger body is the perfect addition to every meal. It keeps the sandwich or hamburger encompassed in a silicone ball that prevents catch-up from dripping, pickles from falling out, and let us and other condiments in place. Your hands won’t get dirty nearly as much when using this reusable sandwich holder.

  • Rainbow Tutu for Chickens

Rainbow Tutu for Chickens

Your chicken will be more stylish than ever once she’s wearing her specially designed rainbow tutu. These colorful designs will look amazing on your favorite barnyard friend.

  • Kit-Kats (2 Pound Bag)

Kit-Kats (2 Pound Bag)

This may seem like a ridiculous amount of kit-kats but you never know when a craving for delicious Hershey’s chocolate will take over. This two Pound bag is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Heated Car Blanket

Heated Car Blanket

You never have to freeze your buns off in the car on those cold winter mornings again. Plug in your electric heated blanket and it will keep you toasty warm the whole time as you drive to work.

  • Dinosaur-Shaped Waffle Maker

Dinosaur-Shaped Waffle Maker

Your kids will absolutely adore these delicious dinosaur shaped waffles. It’s perfect for fun Sunday morning breakfasts made up of their favorite Jurassic Park characters. They’ll love the delicious taste after you load them up with lots of syrup and butter.

  • Dog Fence Window

Dog Fence Window

Your dog hates that he can’t see outside because of the stupid fence and is way, right? This unique dog fence window will get the job done. Your favorite pooch will now spot every squirrel, bluebird, and kitty cat in the neighborhood without any difficulty whatsoever.

  • Outdoor Heated Cat Shelter

outdoor heated cat shelter

Outdoor cats love getting fresh air, but they hate staying outside on cold winter nights. This heated cat shelter makes it possible for your little kitty to stay warm even during the cold wintry season.

  • Whisk Cleaner

Whisk Cleaner

It can be a real pain in the neck to try to get your whisk clean. All the wires are usually covered in leftover cake batter and other ingredients. The whisk wiper will keep this important kitchen tool perfectly clean from now on.

  • Heated Stair Tread Covers

Heated Stair Tread Covers

You never have to worry about slipping on the ice again when climbing the stairs at your home. These heated tread stair covers will not only melt the ice, but make it easy to keep your grip with its thick and durable tread.

  • Owl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Owl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

This unique jigsaw puzzle is made of wood and it has 206 different individual pieces. It creates the image of a beautiful colorful owl perching on a tree branch. It’s perfect for families with children eight years old and up.

Put together this puzzle together as a family or put it together yourself. You may want to have it glued and framed because it’s such a gorgeous design.

  • Skull Gas Log

Skull Gas Log

This is a great addition to every fireplace! It will really creep people out whenever they look in your fireplace and see a burning skull. It’s funny, really weird, kind of creepy, yet it’s scary and it has a beautiful range of colors and designs.

  • Umbrella for Dogs

Umbrella for Dogs

Some dogs hate going outside when it’s raining because they don’t want to get wet. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. The umbrella will keep your pooch dry while he or she runs out into the backyard to take care of their business.

Oh, and one that didn’t make the list, but should have, is the Giant Cabana pool float.  Read all about it, and maybe it’ll make next years list!

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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