suan jan del sur nicaraguaI thought I’d do an overview of San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua as it is just over the border from Costa Rica and well worth a visit. The team at all love Costa Rica (check out our Things to Do Guide) and finding other places to visit that are close by is always high on our agenda.



How To Get To San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Map showing San Juan Del Sur

A flight from Boston (my home) to Managua Airport (at the top of the map), takes about 9 hours, usually with a stopover in Houston.  I love flying, so that sort of flight time is no problem to get me to a new destination that I’d like to explore.  There is around a two and a half hour transfer time to factor in (nowhere near as much fun as flying!)

The other option you could think about is flying to Liberia Airport in Costa Rica (at the bottom of the map) and getting a shuttle from there to San Juan Del Sur (SJDS). This takes about 3 hours with Caribe Shuttle and includes a guide to help your cross the border. The flight time is about the same to Liberia BUT the cost is considerably less.

If you ask me, you are MUCH more likely to impress your dates with a manly and rugged story of how you bravely made a border crossing in Central America!  What an adventure!

Great Adventures in San Juan Del Sur

#1. Up For A Crawl?

The Loose Moose Crawl

The Loose Moose offers you a great place to party.  At the time of writing, you can do the Loose Moose Crawl for $10 and for that you get a free drink in the 5 places they take you to.  What a way to see SJDS!

Sunday Funday Pool Crawl

Billed as the biggest pool party in Central America!  Why wouldn’t you?

#2. Want To See Sea Turtles?

If you go to SJDS at the right time of year, you can go on a night visit to watch sea turtles lay their eggs at the Le Flor Nature Reserve. The Olive Ridley sea turtles lay their eggs between July-February (mainly between July-November).  Check out this tour.

If you have the time and inclination, you could also go on a Sea Turtle Volunteer Expedition where you can spend a week working with local conservationists who study and protect hawksbill turtles.

#3. Party on a Catamaran Cruise?

To see the beautiful coast, swim off a boat, find a secluded beach and enjoy an open bar, a catamaran cruise is a must if you have a group of guys who want to make the most of SJDS!  Have a look at Nica Sail & Surf for some full or half day deals.

SJDS is a perfect place to satisfy your adventurous spirit (no, on this occasion, I’m not talking adult beverages!!)  Also check out Trip Advisor, they have a list of 47 things to do in SJDS, including zipwires, surfing, horseback riding and of course, relaxing on a the beach with your favorite cocktails!

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