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Are you in a virtual relationship? Do you want to maintain that said relationship and cause it to blossom into something more beautiful? If your answers to both questions are yes, then you are reading the right article for you. We know the hassle and how challenging it can be to keep the fire burning when you are miles apart. Luckily for you, we have some tips that can help you sustain the fire in your relationship and even cause it to become a roaring inferno.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and further social distancing regulations, many relationships including virtual ones have experienced major setbacks. To learn more about this, you can click on that link. Hence, individuals must look for means to sustain their love life. This is also applicable to those who enjoyed physical relationships pre Covid-19.

Before we begin to explore these tips, let’s briefly define the term “Virtual Relationship” for those who have no idea regarding what we are talking about…

What is a Virtual Relationship?

Virtual relationship is a broad term that refers to any form of relationship whereby the individuals in the relationship aren’t present physically but communicate with one another using only online platforms such as social media, emails, texting, etc.

As a result of the broad nature of this term, it includes online dating, social networking, online gaming, forums and chat rooms, professional and business relationships, etc. However, in this article, we will focus on online dating wherein the individuals are romantically involved.

Just like a physical relationship, a virtualrelationship has its pros and cons which we will quickly look at…

Pros of Online Dating

Below are the pros of online dating:

1. It is Stress-Free

This kind of dating does not involve much effort. You don’t need to get dressed or go on an outing or any of such. From the comfort of your home and with just your smartphone, you can stay connected with your partner who can be miles away.

2. Minimal Conflict

Online dating has less conflict which is a good thing.

Cons of Online Dating

Below are the cons of online dating:

1. Addictive

Studies have shown that this kind of relationship can be addictive. Such studies have also shown that individuals involved in this find it hard to cope with physical relationships.

2. Cyber Crimes

Cyber dating has made many victims of cyber-crimes after revealing personal information. Hence, one must be cautious in these situations.

Tips for Sustaining your Virtual Relationship

Here are the tips we promised…

1. Talk with your Partner Frequently

“Communication is the key in a relationship” is not an understatement at all. More so, it becomes more important when you are dating online and probably some cities or even countries apart as the case may be.

Therefore, you should always make out time to talk with your partner as often as possible. You could make the time scheduled or at any time during the day. However, if your time zones are different, you need to have an arranged time so that it doesn’t become so demanding on the other party.

The talks should be about your day-to-day activities as well as quality and intellectual discussions. Doing this will allow both of you to understand each other, your ideologies and beliefs about certain topics.

Furthermore, consistent discussions will enable both of you to develop trust in eachother. This is easier especially if both of you are informed of the other party’s activities. Taking and sending a picture can also go a long way.

talk to partner

2. Learn More about Yourselves

Constant communication is what will allow you to know the other person. Before you even begin dating, you must know the person first and by that, we mean in detail. Don’t just take their word for it, let them prove it. Pictures as we said are important and even identification cards can be used to prove that they are who they say they are.

This might seem extreme, but it is necessary to protect yourself from any form of online scam and cybercrime. Once the relationship grows, it is possible that you will begin to disclose certain secrets and information about yourself. Therefore, ensuring that you aren’t leaving yourself susceptible to any form of attack is important.

When you communicate, find how about their life experiences, past relationships, etc. Knowing such details about them will further solidify the trust in the relationship when both of you are open.

3. Be Truthful at all Times

Lies kill a relationship real quick; therefore, avoid telling your partner lies, instead be truthful to them. Just like a physical relationship is affected by lies, the same applies to a virtual one. Being truthful about where you are and who you are with at all times can keep suspicions away.

4. Be Understanding

Don’t be the kind of partner that doesn’t care or is less concerned about the emotions and feelings of your partner. Instead, invest more into understanding their feelings, emotions, actions, etc. This is much harder given that both of you aren’t together physically. However, when you invest in your partner in this manner, the returns will strengthen the bonds you both have.

Furthermore, with such an understanding nature, conflicts and quarrels will be reduced, and rash decisions won’t be made. This is because you will like to know why they did something like miss a scheduled talk time before jumping to conclusions.

5. Put in Constant Effort

As much as you don’t have to exert so much physical effort as you would in physical dating, you still need to invest online effort. This can come in form of doing your best to always be available to communicate whenever your partner reaches out to you.

As we mentioned above, if your time zones are different, you might have to stay awake sometimes just to chat with your partner. This is just one of the sacrificial efforts you will have to make to ensure that the bond between you doesn’t break.

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6. Make the Relationship Fun

The fact that both of you aren’t around each other doesn’t mean you can’t add fun to your relationship.There are different ways you can do this. Visit to find out some ideas that can be used to make your relationship more fun despite being far away from each other.

7. Plan Your Future Together

One of the reasons cyber dating fails over time is because most of the individuals involved do not consider it as something worth building upon for the future. Many of them consider it a fling or do it just for fun.

However, if you are serious about the whole affair, you will begin to make plans for the future. Having plans and goals set up for the future can make the relationship more established as both of you will look forward to accomplishing those goals together.

8. Find Time to Meet Physically

As great as cyber dating might sound, it has its limitations. Being with your significant other in person is far better and more rewarding than chatting online. You get to enjoy physical intimacy which you can’t enjoy online. You could go on a real date to a restaurant, the movies, a park, etc. This is needed once in a while to keep the fire burning.


A virtual relationship has its perks; however, it cannot be compared to a physical relationship. Therefore, with the tips shared above, we hope you will be able to maintain yours.

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