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Instagram is considered the top social platform that is widely used worldwide. Bloggers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and businesses mostly use Instagram to get popularity and reach in the market. It has become part of many people’s daily lives like they use it to share and communicate with their loved ones. Where Instagram is widely viewed it comes with scams aswell. Scams like phishing scams can access your Instagram account without letting you know. And all of sudden you will lose access to your account if you fall for this scam. It starts when you share your Instagram credentials on any scamming message.

Some of the top IT Support and managed IT services Los Angeles, has stated that the top Instagram scam is Phishing scam means, through this scam, the hacker tries to get access to your Instagram account by sending you a suspicious link through your inbox or your email. Where you click and then trick into the scam of giving your credentials like your username and password on a fake login page.

Most Instagram scams start when you add someone or start talking with someone, there you gain and start trusting anonymous and sharing your credentials.

Secondly, some hackers on Instagram start it by giving you a bluff of lottery that you’ve won something and in return to request a fee to give you the prize.

Lastly, it can be any job or loan bluff to help you earn money or you can return money after fulfilling any form. They ask for personal information like your home address, phone number, email address, or bank account details.

The most important scam nowadays is Selling Followers or Likes by asking you to pay a nominal fee.

Through Phishing Scams, hackers can log in to your account through your login credentials, to get into your Instagram account and then they change your password, and log you out.

You can protect yourself by:

  • Enabling two-factor authentication:

The best way to protect your Instagram account from scams and nonessential access is by enabling two-factor authentication. Where Instagram will provide an extra layer of defense to your account by protecting it from hackers and usage. You can turn on two factors authentication security by just adding your email address, number, device, USB key, biometric, or Authenticator code. This security feature will help you at a checkpoint if another person tries to log in to your account. Most of the IT consulting companies have accounts whose followers are in millions so they must on two factors authentication to avoid any scam or problem

  • Making your account private:

You need to make your account private, not public. Because when some stranger follows you or sends you a message on Instagram, you should be conscious before replying or giving them any information. By making your account private you allow only those followers which can see your posts, make comments, and send you direct messages. Some of the best Los Angeles IT services in the world take help whether to make your business identity private or personal for market purposes. But we would suggest you make a public account if you have a business to get better leads and reach.

  • Create a strong password:

When making your identity on any social media channels or email always go for creating a strong password. A strong password can include 14-16 characters minimum with letters, numbers, or punctuation marks. Where there is ease there comes to some problems like do not use the same password for all your accounts whether it’s social or personal. Always use a complex password instead of something easy to remember and don’t store your password list in an easily discoverable place to share with anyone in the chat. Some of the third-party apps can help you create complicated and unique passwords, and then they can store in a secure place on behalf of you.

  • Not clicking suspicious links:

Avoid clicking on any suspicious link because Instagram will never ask you to click on any link where you have to update your personal details. So if you receive any kind of link through email or direct messages make sure you do not click on them to avoid falling for a hacker’s plan.

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