How to Get that Cigar Smell Off Your BreathDamn! I love a good cigar. Damn! I hate cigar breath. If you smoke stogies, must your breath reek? Maybe not. I want to smoke more stogies so I’ve been checking out how to get cigar smell off your breath.

Everything I’ve discovered points toward two major issues. What you smoke and how you smoke it. Both of these can contribute to that nasty post-cigar smoking breath. To know how to best get the smell of cigars off of your breath, you have to figure out the causes.

This is an important topic. Cigars are a celebration of the good life. That’s what they represent to me. I don’t want my good life crashed by a foul odor pouring out of my pie-hole. I want to drink, smoke, and have my woman anxious to lay some hot, deep kisses on me.

With that in mind, let’s figure out how best to deal with the buzzkill of stinky stogie breath.

Why The Hell Does My Breath Smell Like Cigars?

What are You Smoking There, Gus?

Smoke Quality Cigars for Better BreathTake a serious look at what cigars you are smoking. Is your cigar a cheap piece of crap? I mean, are you smoking a rolled dog turd? Has no care or craftsmanship gone into making that cigar? Has it not been aged properly?

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A poorly constructed cigar rolled with substandard tobacco will figuratively kill you with bitter flavors. You’ll also notice the presence of ammonia. Does any of this sound like it would contribute to pleasant breath? Of course not.

The solution is to do your homework and select some quality cigars. If you do that, you’re on the right path.

Cigar Smoking Technique Makes a Difference

Listen to me. I’m not getting preachy. I know it may sound that way, but I am sincerely trying to help solve the problem of breath that stinks from smoking cigars. You may be smoking your cigar wrong. It is true. Don’t dismiss this as it is important.

Cigar smoking error #1

You’re huffing your stogie way too fast! Slow down. Fast-smoking a cigar heats the whole thing up. It gets hot. When a cigar gets hot, it reacts by releasing tars which are seriously bitter. This shit sticks to your palate and can be there for hours. Hell, it can still be there the next day. The solution is to simply slow down and relish the flavor and enjoy the moments slowly while you smoke that cigar. That’s the way to do it.

Smoking a Cigar error #2

Stop smoking your cigars sooner. Not every cigar should be smoked down to the smallest possible nub. I know it is tempting to do, especially when you’ve dropped some hard-earned coin on that quality robusto.

Toking down on that stogie until you have nothing but a nub left can result in both harshness and bitterness. Guess where that cigar harshness and bitterness ends up? That’s right, your breath.

Last Big Cigar Smoking “Mistake”

The smoke from tobacco itself is the culprit. It has a dehydrating effect. It makes your mouth dry. Saliva, where have you gone? Your saliva is necessary. It was what gets rid of the bacteria present in your mouth. A dry mouth means more bacteria. More bacteria means your breath stinks more.

Here’s How to Get Cigar Smell Off of Your Breath

Now that we have the knowledge. Now that we know what causes cigar bad breath, we are better prepared to solve the problem.

Smoke Cigars Properly To Reduce Cigar BreathWhen you’re smoking cigars…

Don’t smoke ammonia smelling cigars. Don’t smoke bitter cigars. Make sure your choice stogies have been aged for more than 6 months.

Take your time. Enjoy that Torpedo. Enjoy that Churchill. No rush. Linger on it. Take a timeout. Create your own slower pace to really enjoy the experience of that cigar.

I don’t care how much you paid for your cigar. I don’t care how damned delicious your cigar has been. I don’t care that you want that divine hand-rolled Cuban leaf beauty to last forever. Do not, I repeat, do not smoke it down to the nub. If you do, you’ve just earned some seriously shitty cigar breath.

Sip on a tasty cocktail with some citrus in it. Think refreshing and think lemon or lime. A chilly vodka tonic with a lime or lemon wedge can help refresh your palate. If you’re refreshing your palate during your cigar smoking session, you are battling smelly stogie breath in a very rewarding manner.

After the Cigar Smoking

Practice good oral hygiene. Floss your teeth. Scrape your tongue with a tongue scraper. Brush your teeth. Finish off with some mouthwash. If you need to, get some mouthwash that is specifically made to combat bad breath from smoking cigars.

Parsley is more than a garnish. Why is parsley often used as a garnish? Because it helps to clear your palate. Yeah, it is a natural breath freshener. Any edible plant rich with chlorophyll,
any vegetable with plenty of chlorophyll is a remedy. Plus, it is good for you!

If you are really having a problem, try hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic. Swishing this around your mouth will kill the germs, it will kill the bacteria responsible for making your breath smell like ass. It will also stop more stinky causing bacteria to grow.

I would follow the hydrogen peroxide treatment with a mouthwash to really have some sweet, inviting breath.

What do you think? Did I provide some useful info? Did I give you some solid advice as to how to get the smell of cigars off of your breath? I think so.

Now, armed with the sweet smelling breath information in this article you will be able to enjoy those quality cigars that you love so much and still be able to lip lock again and again with the one you love.

Light up, my friends!

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