How To Get The Smoke Smell Out of Your ClothingClothing that smells of smoke. I think that close to everyone has experienced that problem. Maybe you attended a bonfire. Maybe you were around people who were smoking. Maybe you spent some time in a cigar bar smoking top quality cigars…like those you can get online at Famous Smoke. However it happened, clothes that smell like smoke stink and sometimes that odor is not easily eliminated. Have no fear, I’ve found a number of ways that will show you how to get the smoke smell out of your clothing. No time like the present, let’s go.

Here’s How To Get The Smoke Smell Out of Your Clothing

Since us men will never give up smoking fine cigars, we should know how to get rid of that stale smoke smell that lingers on our clothing. As we all know, there are clothes you wash and there are clothes that are dry clean only. First, I’ll offer some help with washables.

For Clothes You Wash

Simply washing your clothing like you normally do will not always eliminate the smoke smell from your clothes. Sometimes you might need to take an extra step or two to get rid that smoke odor.

Fragrant Detergent

Certain laundry detergents have added fragrance. Some have quite a bit added. Depending on how bad your clothes stink of smoke, using one of these super fragrant detergents might be a solution.

Gain Fireworks for Clothing Odor RemovalLaundry Additives

These additives have an even stronger scent or fragrance that those super fragrant detergents I previously mentioned. Gain Fireworks is one. Downy Unstoppable is also a scent additive products to make your clothes smell good. These can help to get rid of smoky smelling clothes.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is wonderful. It has so many truly helpful uses. One of which is smoke odor elimination. Use white vinegar as a pre-soak. Fill your basin, sink, or bucket with enough warm water to cover your clothes. Add 1 cup of vinegar and make sure it is mixed around. Add your clothes and let soak forRemove Smoke Smell from Clothing with Vinegar 45 to 60 minutes. If you want, add peppermint oil or another pleasing oil fragrance to the mix before putting your clothes in to soak. The vinegar soak will get rid of the smoke smell and the fragrant oil makes your clothes smell good. Remember to launder your clothes normally after the vinegar soaking.

Lemon Juice is Helpful

Lemon Juice is something else that is always handy to have in stock at home. It has lots of uses including getting the smell of smoke out of your clothes. Unlike vinegar, no pre-soak is needed. Instead, try adding about a 1/2 cup directly to your wash.

Can I Get Rid of Smoke Odor Without Washing My Clothes?

If you have “dry clean only” clothes that reek from smoke, you might want to just take them to the dry cleaners and ask them to help you out. 

To round this out, here’s some tips to get rid of that smoky odor without having to wash your clothes.

Give Your Clothes Some Air

Give your clothes some fresh air! Hang your stuff outside. Fresh air and some sunshine can often be a big help. Preferably hang your clothes where and when a breeze is blowing. 

Odor Eliminating Products

Febreze is a great product or you can make your own odor eliminator by mixing vinegar, water, and some fragrant essential oils. First try airing out your clothes. If that is not enough, spray your clothes all over front, back, and under sleeves with either your homemade odor be gone spray or Febreze.

I’m sure there are other ways on how to get smokes smells out of your clothes. People often have their own tried and true methods. I’ve provided more than a few that I know work. Next time you realize that your clothes stink from smoke, give one a tr

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