Funny Check MemoI think a lot of people don’t think twice when filling out the checks they write. They view it as a task. All the lines are filled out almost automatically. But not everyone has such a dull workmanlike approach to check writing. The memo space is where some people like to get creative. Let’s take a look at some funny check memos.

You may look at these just to get a laugh. Or you may be the kind of person who likes funny memos on checks and wants to use them yourself. Whatever your motivation, I hope you enjoy these. If you’ve haven’t before, maybe you’ll even try out a few yourself after reading this. Okay, here we go.

Here’s Some Funny Check Memos 

One warning. If you use any of these, I’m not responsible for the odd looks or any other reactions you may get. I do not recommend using these on business checks.

“For The Best Night of My Entire Life”

“Superior Ball Handling”

“Thirty Minute Butt Massage”

“Toot Sweet Party”

“Extortion Payment”

“For Sexual Favors”

“Sex Change Fund Donation”

“Class Action Lawsuit Settlement: Viagra Overdose”

“Condom Allowance”

“Ransom Payment”

“Up Yours”

“Anal Bleaching”

“Last Supper”

“Body Licking”

“You should never take a check from me”

“For Sex Lessons”

“Payment in Full for Your Soul”

Some of these I found online. The most popular ones that people have used seem to be related to sex.

Filling In ChecksOthers I made up or changed a little. I think that having a little harmless fun when you write a check is fine. Sometimes, when paying a bill it might even make you feel a little bit better.

Now here’s a different approach.

One person claimed to have some good luck when they got creative in the memo line of a check. They said that there was a bank teller that they were attracted too. It was someone that they would harmlessly flirt with during their banking. One day they decided to take it to the next level. In the memo space, they wrote, “What’s your phone number?” and gave it to the teller. They claimed the receipt came back with the teller’s phone number on it.

How about that? Using the memo line to help you get a date. I think that is pretty funny. Did it really happen? Would it really work? Hell if I know. Try it yourself and see.

Good Luck!


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John “Big John” Johnson is a serial fun seeker, a lover of craft beer, and enjoys all things adult beverage related. A dedicated online marketer and SEO, he has been described as “Peter Pan with German Work Ethic”. John is also a sleight of hand magician with serious chops, enjoys riding Harleys, practicing martial arts and travel.

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