Writing A Check Dos And Don'tsChecks and checking accounts still exist! Here we are in the digital age and we still often rely on paper. Even though checking and checkbooks have been around for a long time and are still in use, mistakes are still made with them. There are writing a check dos and don’ts that we need to follow. Paying attention to them can pay us dividends in different ways.

Here are The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Check

Make sure you have the basics down. How to fill out a check properly is important. Some people have been doing it wrong for years. Don’t be one of them. Practice writing a check to yourself to create good check writing habits. By the way, this article focuses mainly on personal check writing, but applies to all check writing. If you’re looking specifically for checking solutions for a small business, click here for deluxe.com. They are a long standing company that provides products and services that would be of interest.

Here Are Tips to Filling Out Checks

Start with the date. Always put the proper date on your check. If you make a mistake and fill in a date that is too far in the past, the bank will not honor the check.

Fill out the pay line. Make sure you clearly write the name of the person, business, or organization in the pay line. It must be legible so the bank can easily read it.

Sign the check properly. When you opened your checking account, you provided your signature to your bank. When you sign a check, that signature must match the signature the bank has in order for them to honor that check.

Good habits for the amount area. The amount of the check can be written in words or numbers. If using words, writing “only” after the amount prevents anyone from altering the amount of the check. Putting a “/“ after the amount when using numbers does the same thing.

Another good habit when filling in the amount. Be sure to use 00/100 or “and no cents” if the check is for an even dollar amount.

Don’t leave unused space. Marking through extra space in the name field stops someone from adding another payee. In the amount area, striking through extra space ensures no one can change the dollar amount of the check.

Details Matter

How to fill out a check is important. Some people kind of take writing a check for granted. They just fill in the blanks without paying attention to the details. We’re talking about your money. That means details matter. Practicing writing some checks to yourself to develop the right habits. Do it. It is not silly and it is not a waste of checks. Just be sure to write “void” on the checks you’re using to practice your check writing skills so no one could try and cash them.

Here’s another tip for how to fill out your check properly

How To Void A CheckWrite in each space on the check once. This means no scribbling out a mistake. Don’t try to overwrite in any of the fields if you make an error. When you make a mistake, void out the check. Then start over with a fresh check and carefully fill it out.

Following these writing a check dos and don’ts will help both you and your bank. Remember that how to write a check is important!

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