So here at Things Men Buy, we enjoy a good juicy hunk of beef every now and again. the first thing you need to know when you’re ordering a steak is the difference between the cuts. Most newbies will go to a restaurant and see “steak” and not care what cut the meat is. That’s because most chain restaurants and even some slightly higher ends only carry steaks like sirloin or NY Strip. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with a good sirloin steak, but if you have never indulged in the flavors of the higher end cuts then you don’t know what you’re missing.

Four Cut of Steak You Must Know and Try

tenderloin steakFirst, let’s talk about the tenderloin. This is the filet or the filet mignon. This is the mother of all steaks in my opinion. It’s typically smaller and compact in size, but cut thicker. You can get that great medium-rare doneness to it due to it’s thick and compact size. As a side note, if you order anything other than medium-rare on a steak you should be ashamed of yourself. Anyway, this is likely to be the most expensive steak on the menu, if it actually comes on the menu. It is taken from under the ribs of the cow. It is the most tender of all cuts of steak. If you have the chance to order any cut, you can’t go wrong with a cut from the tenderloin. Pair this with a nice glass of California wine and you’re ballin’! The only drawback that I have found is that if I want to go all crazy carnivore and really get wild, the tenderloin cuts can sometimes leave me a little hungry. The portion size may not be there if you’re husky fellow or have been known to put down some steak in your day.

ny strip steakNext up is the good old NY Strip steak. This is a very popular cut. If you’ve ever watched Beat Bobby Flay, whenever there is a steak challenge, Bobby almost always uses the NY Strip. He says that it is his favorite cut to work with. There is fat on one side of the steak but there are no real big pockets of fat throughout. The fat is mostly marbled throughout the cut and almost melts into the meat when it is cooked. In my experience, the NY Strip tends to be a little more filling than the tenderloin. And let’s be honest, if it’s good enough for Bobby Flay, it has to be good enough for you!

t bone steak

Next on our list is the good old T-Bone or Porterhouse. This is easily the most recognizable cut of steak as there is a bone shaped like a “T” in the steak. This is actually a combination of steak cuts. On one side of the “T” you have the tenderloin and on the other side is the NY Strip. There is a generous amount of fat marbling throughout the steak. The only problem that I have had when ordering is that the closer you get to the bone, the more raw the meat is. But the taste of the meat is absolutely delightful!

ribeye steak

Last, but certainly not least is the good old Delmonico or ribeye steak. This is basically a prime rib cut into individual steaks. They are taken from the 6th rib of the cow to the 12th rib. They can come bone in or bone out. There are large pockets of fat throughout the steak as well as generous amounts of marbling. This cut will absolutely melt in your mouth and will leave your belly full for hours. Bring your appetite when eating this bad boy. Take one of these guys down, unbuckle your belt, and light up a Montecristo number 4 cigar and call it a night! 

So there you have it. The four cuts of steak you should know about and look for when you want a good hunk of meat. You really can’t go wrong with any of these cuts. They are all outstanding and writing this article has made me incredibly hungry!

If you are looking to order steak online, check out these top rated stores.  I personally use them when I travel somewhere remote and don’t know what the local butcher shop will carry!

What do you guys think? Comment below and tell me your favorite cut and why!

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