Blogging can be a highly effective way of making money on the internet. Unfortunately, it’s something that’s overlooked by a lot of budding entrepreneurs. Part of the reason why people don’t give blogging much attention is that it requires skill and talent as a writer in order to achieve success.

If you consider yourself a talented writer, then why not give blogging a go? Starting a travel blog will not only help you to earn money, but it’ll also give you a reason to travel to all of the places and countries you have dreamed of going to.

Here are expert tips for setting up a travel blog.

Web Hosting

One of the first things you need to do if you want to create a travel blog is to find a web hosting service to work with. Most people find that shared web hosting services are the cheapest way to get one’s site live. Spend some time researching and shopping around, so you can find the host that’s best for you. Some hosts are better than others, after all. If you do not shop around, you will not be able to get the best deal on hosting (nor will you be able to find the best host).

Website Creation

In addition to thinking about web hosting, you also have to think about creating an actual website. In order to create a website, you usually have to work with an independent web designer. A lot of business owners create websites using templates, but template services aren’t always the most sensible idea. The primary reason for why this is lies in the fact that when you use a template service, thousands of other websites will have the same design as yours. Sharing a web design with other businesses makes you look unprofessional and amateurish.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is another consideration that should be made very early on. Until you understand the basic tenets of online marketing, your site will never achieve success or gain exposure. Marketing isn’t an especially difficult thing to master, mainly because there are lots of guides and tutorials available online that you can use to learn about it. The most effective form of marketing (especially for travel blogs) is SEO. SEO will increase your site’s ranking on Google’s search results, making you more visible to consumers.

Finding Niche

If you want to achieve success, then you need to find your niche. What aspect of travel interests you most? Do you like food, meeting people, experiencing new cultures, or just adventuring? Developing a niche will help you to attract an audience that’s interested in the same things as you. With that said, it’s not necessarily essential to have a niche. It does help to have one, but you can still achieve success as a blogger who writes about lots of different elements and aspects of traveling. You may also want to specialize in a specific part of the world.


Extensive Reading

In order to achieve success as a blogger, it’s a good idea to read other people’s blogs. Find a blogger that writes about subjects that interest you and start following them. You don’t necessarily have to read travel blogs. In fact, many experts would recommend against reading other travel blogs, mainly because you could end up unintentionally copying other people’s styles. If you do plan on reading other blogs, then try to find ones that have large followings. That way, you can learn how to become a pro blogger (and figure out what you need to do to achieve success).

Hiring Travellers

Funnily enough, you don’t actually have to be a traveler yourself to write about traveling. It’s very common for travel bloggers to never actually visit the places that they are writing about. Quite a few of the web’s most prolific bloggers actually pay content writers to write travel content for them. Then, they rewrite and repurpose it, passing it off as their own. Taking another person’s content and making it your own should only ever be done with that person’s permission. Content writers can charge a lot of money, but they are worth working with if you can’t travel yourself.

Creating Content

If you are going to write your own content, then you might want to spend some time learning how to write first. Not everybody’s a talented and natural writer. For a lot of people, it takes months of practice and learning to become good enough to write content. The articles that you write should be clear and direct. If you want to attract a large audience and achieve success as a blogger, then clarity is essential. Nobody is going to read your blog if it’s all over the place and if your articles are laden with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Finding Sponsors

Most people become travel influencers & bloggers because they want to make money. Starting a blog is no different from starting a business, really. If you want to make money from blogging, then try to find people to sponsor you. Finding a sponsor could be a highly effective way of making a profit from your website. Before you can find a sponsor, however, you’ll need to build up a large audience. Nobody is going to want to sponsor you or put ads on your site if you do not get a lot of traffic. You may have to show any potential sponsors your site’s traffic stats, so they can allay any fears they have about working with you.

Making Videos

An alternative to blogging is vlogging. Travel vlogging is hot right now. Some of YouTube’s most popular vloggers make millions of dollars from their content. If you do want to make videos, you are going to need to travel yourself. You can buy a vlogging camera for next to nothing online. Then, you can travel to a place that interests you, start making content, and build an audience. You will need to have a charismatic and interesting personality if you want to be successful as a vlogger.

Blogging can be a good way of making money. Before you can start profiting from it though, you need to make your site, and start producing content. This post’s guidance should help you to do that.


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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.

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