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The right kind of maintenance will not only hold your car’s overall resale value, but it will make it more reliable and safer. Doing regular maintenance can be done at home or with the help of professionals. YOU may always want to refer to the manuals for more information

However, you still need to have an understanding of the things involved, and what needs to be done so you know the kind of services you need from the local mechanic.

Handling the Maintenance of Exteriors

Wax and Paint Your Car Twice a Year

Auto detailing involves tire cleaning, waxing, polishing, exterior washing, and claying. The paint does not only act as an aesthetic on your vehicle. It’s also helpful in preventing expensive repairs because of rust and corrosion. You can always do in-depth auto detailing with the help of supplies from Ethos Car Care to avoid streaks and get advanced ceramic protection. There are wash pads made from microfiber clothing to gather all the accumulated dirt and dust from the exterior surfaces.

Paint should be applied at least once every six months. It will stave off potential rusting and get added protection that you can benefit from in the long run. You first need to wash your car with a suitable detergent and rinse it thoroughly. Dry it with the help of towels.

Carefully apply the paint using the applicators and do so in swirling motions. Wait for the paint to be completely dried. Buffing the wax using chamois cloths can help.

Swapping the Windshields when they Start to Streak

The wipers on your windshield are essential pieces that let you safely drive when you’re on the road on a rainy day. However, when you notice that they are beginning to leave streaks, know that it might be time for a replacement. You can pull out the wiper from the windshield and slide it down from its hook to remove it. Refer to the manual for specific instructions or get help from the pros if you’re unsure of what to do.

Rotate Tires Every Five Thousand Miles

The tread of the tires should evenly wear as time passes. Swap them on the car periodically. Jack it up with the help of stands, then take the wheels from the rear and change them to the front. Install the front wheels to the back and make sure to install this as well on the other side. Read more about changing ties on this page here.

Know that the back and front wheels will wear differently because the front is the ones that do the most turning and braking jobs. It’s also helpful to get a mechanic to inspect the tires to see if they are still fine.

Use a Penny for Checking Signs of Wear

A penny is a valuable tool that can help you assess the level of treads that were left on your current tire. Hole the penny and see if you can clearly make out Lincoln’s head when placing it between the grooves. If you can still see the hair, this might mean that you should have to replace it sooner or if it’s the entire head, do the replacement immediately.

Maintenance of the Filters and Fluids

Clean Filter

  1. Look at the Manuals

While there are many aspects of routine maintenance to know about, and most of them are universal, you still need to refer to the manual for information. Check the manuals for your vehicle’s specific model, make, and year. Check for the recommended maintenance and make sure not to miss any of them.

-Some may require timing belts to be replaced when you reach a particular mileage interval. If you don’t do this, you might be risking damage to your cylinder head.

-If the manual is not available any longer, you can visit the manufacturer’s website for further information.

  1. Check Fluid Reservoirs

Determine if you still need to add fluid to the engine bay. The engine bay houses the plastic reservoir of the coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer. The lower lines that you can see are called the fill point. If you see that the fluid drops below this line, you should add more until you see it back to the higher lines.

-Many vehicles have particular requirements for the brake fluid and coolant type that you should use. Refer to the manual of the car to see which ones are right for you.

-To fill the reservoir, simply unscrew the existing cap. Fill this until it reaches the fill line, which will be indicated at the side part. Screw the cap back afterwards.

  1. Changing Oil Every 3000 Miles

Changing Oil

If you hit the 3,000-mile mark, you should slide a container beneath the oil pan and jack the car up. Remove the bolts from the drain and allow the oil to go out to the container. See where the filter is and also remove it. Place a bit of oil on your finger and screw the new filters in place.

-It’s essential to refill the engine with the right oil once you have the new filters installed in place. Read blogs about changing oil in this link:

-Different car makes, and models have different requirements and capacities. You should refer to your owner’s manual for a specific type of repair and find out the right amount that you need for your vehicle.

  1. Change Filters Annually

It’s important to know that the filters essentially prevent debris and sand from going into your engine. Change them at least once a year or wash them regularly instead of replacing them. Find the airbox located at the end of the intake pipe, which should lead into the engine. Release the four clips that hold it and open the top access to the air filters.

-These filters may be located inside the airbox. Remove them with one hand and replace them with a new one. Set this in place. Close the airbox and secure it with clips.

  1. Using Octane Fuel

The octane rating of fuel will measure its stability when pressured. Many cars may require premium fuel, which will be evident on the dashboard over the fuel filler cap.

-Again, check the manual or manufacturers’ website to know more about your car’s fuel needs.

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