Depending on which website you look at, will depend on what the differences are between Filet Mignon and Chateaubriand. Some people say that they are the same and the difference is in the thickness of the cut, filet mignon being a thinner cut and chateaubriand being a thicker cut. Other people say that the difference between the two is that with filet mignon, the grain of the meat runs up and down, whilst with chateaubriand the grain runs horizontally.

Whatever they say, all are agreed that both chateaubriand and filet mignon come from the tenderloin. According to wikipedia the filet mignon is the smaller end of the tenderloin:

Wikipedia filet mignon location

Best Way To Cook Filet Mignon?

This is my favorite method – starting the filet mignon in a pan and then transferring it to the oven. I like mine rare, so 5 minutes in the oven is all it needs:

Best Way To Cook Chateaubriand?

It’s without surprise that cooking the chateaubriand is very similar – it just takes longer because it is a thicker cut of meat. Again, I’d recommend using the pan to oven method and follow timings depending on how you want your meat cooked.

Which to Choose?

Well, if you’re dining alone, treat yourself to a filet mignon and if the table is set for two, then it’s chateaubriand all the way! Either way, you could choose to get these cuts from wagyu or kobe beef – whatever your choice, it will be delicious if you take a little time and care in the cooking.

There has been some discussion as to whether filet mignon and chateaubriand are as flavorsome as other steaks, such as ribeye. Filet mignons are not as popular as they once were, but they continue to be my personal favorite – for me you can’t beat a good piece of fillet steak that has been cooked rare to blue.

I have great childhood memories of going to the steakhouse with my Dad – we’d both have fillet, mine would be rare/blue and Dad’s would always be well-done; this never failed to cause a sharp intake of breath from the waiter who would quickly regain his composure and say, “Would Sir like the fillet butterflied?” when what he really wanted to say was, “Oh No! We can’t cook a fillet steak well-done, it will ruin it!!”

Now, your biggest decision is where to buy steaks.  Make sure to read this review and you’ll find out where we like to buy our steaks if we are ordering online.

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