In one of the most nostalgic pieces of men’s clothing I’ve bought this year in 2017, I present you the Deebo Bike Rental T Shirt!

Those who have followed Things Men Buy for a while know that when I’m not out in Miami in Gucci apparel that I pretty much live in t-shirts and under armour shorts.  Today, I present you a shirt I’ll be rocking non stop.

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Click the link – they have a massive selection of awesome shirts.

“What Bike?”

From the all time classic movie – FRIDAY – featuring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and many more, Deebo was the neighborhood bully who stole Red’s bike.  When Red confronted him for the bike back, Deebo yelled “What Bike?”

He then proceeded to knock out Red and ride off into the sunset on the squeeky bike.

This t-shirt is a tribute to Deebo, the iconic lazy-eyed character, and his stealing of Red’s Bike!

What bike? #deebo #fridaymovie #nowthatsmybikepunk

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If you liked this shirt, and are into nostalgia from movies, please check out the Slap Shot Memorabilia.  You’ll find all sorts of great items at the official Mad Bros Store.

Get your Deebo Friday Shirt here.

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