Best Way to Make An Online Dating Profile That Gets ResultsDo you want to know the best way to make a dating profile online? It is easy. Be real. I’ll say it again, be real. Be a real genuine person and don’t come off like a douche. If you are a douche, stop right now and start being a decent human being. Those are words of wisdom right there, my friends.

There are lots of great online dating websites. People find dates and find spouses online. Happens all the time. You can do the same. With that being said, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of putting together a kick-ass profile for an online dating site.

Here are Guidelines for Creating a Quality Online Dating Profile

Write Your Profile to Start a Conversation

When a girl checks out your profile, your goal should make her want to know more about you. Arouse her curiosity by putting things in there that cause her to want to know more about you. Put stuff in that will help her see that she has things in common with you.

A great way to accomplish this is to be specific. Tell what you do for fun instead of saying you like to have fun. If you spend time water skiing, say so. If you hike in your spare time, talk about how often you go, distance you like to hike, where you go and other details.

Writing you dating profile like this will help attract girls who have common interests with you or would like to try the fun activities that you like to do. Common ground between people means a better chance of more than one date.

Choose Your Profile Picture With Care

Having a good picture is essential. Notice I said good. Do not put a pic on there that you think looks “hot”. That would be an epic fail. I’m talking about a pic that you take in front of the mirror with your shirt off. Don’t do that. That will brand you as a douche immediately.

Find Your Right Date OnlineThe best kind of pics you can post are pics that show you smiling. Pics that show you having a good time doing one of your hobbies are great. If you’re into cycling, a picture of you enjoying yourself on a ride works well.

Avoid too many photos of you at a bar. Don’t get carried away with selfies either. Do your best to use quality photos. Posting quality photos means you’re serious about your dating profile, that you are trying to really put your best foot forward.

Proofread What You Write

Use proper grammar, dammit! You’re not writing a text message, you’re writing an online dating profile and you not only want to appear to be a quality, intelligent person you also want to attract girls like that.

With plenty of free tools online to check your grammar, if you don’t make the effort to write an error-free profile it looks like you don’t care. Or it looks you’re simply a lazy POS that doesn’t give a shit. If you don’t give a shit, why should a quality woman? Think about it, why would you want to look stupid? Put in the effort and do your best to make your written profile error-free.

More Online Dating Profile Don’ts

Don’t lie. Don’t lie about your job, your height, your weight, your age, your house, your car or anything. You will be found out, so just don’t do it.

Don’t say too much. What I mean is that you should not use your profile as a place to confess. Nobody isFinding Your Ideal Date Online perfect, we all realize that. So don’t feel like you need to reveal any and all skeletons in your closet. Don’t deceive, but also don’t over-share.

Don’t diss dating online. What kind of idiot would go on an online dating site, take the time to sign up and post a profile only to insult the whole concept of online dating? Toss that attitude.

Don’t ever say you’re looking for someone with a certain income. That will scare everyone away no matter what their income level. Some things are better left until later. Speaking of which…

Don’t talk about making babies and how many kids you want. Allow this to come up in conversation after a few dates.

Don’t be a whiner. Don’t whine about anything. Whining is negative, you want your profile to present you in a positive light. Nobody likes a whiner.

Don’t bitch about your ex or talk about sex. You haven’t even met yet so it is totally inappropriate to bring up sex. Also, do you think that talking about your ex in any manner will be an attraction? The answer is no.

I’ve provided a lot of tips that can help you make the best dating profile online possible. Take your time. Look at other dating profiles on a variety of online dating sites and find ones that use the advice I’ve given. These can be used as a guide to help you put together your profile.

I wish you the best of luck with your future dates!

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