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My quest to find the best place to buy flowers online turned into a trial and error sort of thing. When you’re dealing with someone, like my mom who lives in a different city, I thought, why not order online, it beats picking up the phone and having to hunt down a local florist. I like the ability to read reviews online and hear what others have to say, ultimately, I go with what feels right.

When I first searched, 1-800-flowers was everywhere. I had used them before and their arrangements were nice. I really wanted to try a different flower delivery service for my mom. What I was looking for was fresh cut flowers. When she was younger, mom had a garden full of amazing flowers. She had the best-looking yard on the block. It was packed full of Gerber Daisy’s, Tulips, all sorts of Lilly’s, Sunflowers, Roses and many more unusual and exotic flowers.

She always had a fresh bouquet of flowers on the kitchen table. She also loved taking flowers down to the nursing home. I can see her now, grabbing her basket and cutting sheers. She put on her hat and headed out the door to gather a new batch. She would come inside and arrange them to look exactly like they had been delivered by a local florist. The time of year didn’t matter. She was so good at growing flowers and greenery, that she had something blooming all year round. Later in life, when I was older, I told my mom she had missed her calling. Her passion for flowers and the outdoors was immense. Well, let’s just say, I know where I got my love for the outdoors from.

When it comes to sending flowers to my mom, you better bet I was picky. I was thinking ahead, so I decided to order a test batch of flowers from One of my friends said that was her favorite place to order fresh cut flowers. I knew I had to test them out before I sent them to the expert, my mom. Even though I knew mom would not complain, I wanted to ensure they were perfect!

The Test Flower Delivery

When the flowers arrived, I was happy with the quality and speed of delivery. I knew they would come in a box, as my friend had said so. I payed it forward and dropped them off at my doctors office, once they were fully arranged and inspected. I thought the ladies would love them and I was right. At this point, I was sure mom would be happy, so I proceeded to order her a surprise delivery of flowers. I was browsing around on the site and discovered a gifts for her section which had some pretty cool gifts. Chocolate dipped strawberries, yum, I should have ordered those for me.

I made a decision, the Tulips and Lilly’s, I felt those would go over well with mom. I was right, once they arrived she called me, all teary eyed and thanked me for the out of the blue delivery. She mentioned it brought back so many memories as she arranged them. She was quite tickled they came in a box for her to arrange. Yep, it was a SCORE!

Personally, I love surprises, just like the time my best buddy got me the Harley gloves along with the bottle of poo pourii for the man cave bathroom. Ha-ha, yes, in the end,that was a gift that kept on giving and I wasn’t the only one who appreciated that gift.

In conclusion

My mom and I were happy with ProFlowers.

There are many places to order flowers online. I’m sure that if everyone took my recommendation and ordered from Proflowers, there would still be someone who would not be happy. Do your own homework like I did and choose what feels right to you.

Here are other online flower websites I have ordered from since mom’s fresh cut flowers.

Telaflora – works with local florists.

FTD – fresh flowers good for same day delivery.


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