Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Men for 2018

A meal replacement shake represents one of the best solutions when it comes to a quick caloric intake. Men can really use a healthy option to help them reach their higher daily caloric goals. This is why a quality product can come to enhance your diet, regardless of your weight goal. With better overall results when it comes to overall nutrition, you can enjoy faster results and improve health.

With better results when it comes to overall nutrition, you have the ability to choose the products which are made to sustain your increased physical activity. You should not accept fillers in your meal replacement shakes anymore. With plenty of impressive and healthy protein and carbohydrate sources, there are no reasons to consider sub-par products. With better flavors which are closer to the organic source of the ingredients, you should also not accept increasingly synthetic flavors and this is why more and more manufacturers offer products which come with no flavor at all.

What to Avoid in Meal Replacement Formulations for Men?

When it comes to the best meal replacement, there is no need to consider unhealthy options. Although largely unregulated, the quality of the products is now higher than before. Even more, they are now approximately accurate when it comes to label ingredients, especially at the higher level. But there some solutions you can avoid if you want the best experience on the long-term.


GMOs or the genetically-modified organisms abound in many foods and meal replacement shakes as well. They can be hard to discover in the conditions in which the products are not necessarily approved by the state. This is where third-party testing certificates are always indicated.

In most cases, it is also recommended to choose the organic solutions if your budgets allows you. This means that you will get the best ingredients which are truly made for you and which can support improved nutrition with better absorption percentages.

When it comes to the best results, it is also recommended to choose the products which work great for you and which are thus sustainable on the long-term, which cannot be said about low quality ingredients. In many cases, it is also important to note that you can enjoy better results when it comes to any types of fitness goal when you have quality ingredient to consume with your shake.

Artificial Flavors

Flavors can make the consumption of shakes much easier. In the conditions in which the supplements combine different ingredients, the taste may not be the best characteristic to consider. But it is also important to note that you can see improved results when it comes to a pleasant experience with natural flavors. If you can handle unflavored options, you will thus be on the right track when it comes to healthier alternatives.

In some cases, the healthiest products are also harder to get used to, as it is the case with the organic meal replacements. Coming from a diet rich in sugar, this process can take a while to go through as you adjust to a healthier nutrition.


Many products offer low quality ingredients. This can be best seen with the weight gain meal replacements which can offer a content of carbohydrates. While carbs can be good for your health, their sources are often low-quality which makes them a filler ingredient with no real value and which, in turn, can actually make you gain fat. But at the end of the day, the overall caloric intake also plays an important role for any type of fitness goal.

#1 – Ample Meal Replacements

The Ample Meal Replacements represent a complete solution for all mean. With choices between Ample Original, Ample Vegan and Ample K Ketogenic formula, you can find a product to suits your needs. The Original formula is great for most men who need a good intake of protein, carbs and healthy fats. The Vegan formulation can be a choice if you need to switch towards plant protein. The K Ketogenic formula is highly recommended for better success on the diet with the same name.


  • Made for all objectives
  • Included vegan solution
  • Great for weight loss with the Ketogenic formula
  • Includes superfoods


  • Not the most affordable option

The formulations offered by Ample are thus among the recommended options when it comes to better nutrition which can actually add more quality nutrients to your diet instead of simply offering regular calories to keep you full.

#2 – Perfect Keto Collagen Protein Supplement

The Perfect Keto Collagen supplement comes with 10 grams of high quality protein. With 5 grams of added MCT oil, it represents a solution which can even be recommended for weight loss. In most cases, it also works great when it comes to the diets which are restrictive in carbohydrates such as the Keto diet. With its 10g of protein, it can sustain fat loss and muscle maintenance.


  • Made with collagen protein
  • Comes with MCT oil
  • Recommended for weight loss


  • Low on minerals

The supplement is thus among the recommended options when it comes to improved overall nutrition. While not as complex as the Ample products, it offers targeted quality protein intake with a blend of MCT oil which can be used by men who follow the Ketogenic diet and who need to lose weight. With a good profile of quality protein, it can also be a product to use when you want to see better absorption rates.

Conclusion & What are the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Men

When you want the best meal replacement shake as a man, it is important to choose the quality options which sustain your lifestyle needs. This is why Ample Meal (SEE PRICING) is the best solution as they can cover a wide range of needs. The Original formula is great for most men while the Vegan formula offers an alternative to whey-based products. With the Ketogenic formula, you also have the option to choose a targeted weight loss product as well. With included superfoods, the meal replacements shakes can be used at any time of the day according to your needs.

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