best bloody mary recipesFor info on a Bloody Mary, check out our recent article.  In that article, I promised we would investigate the best Bloody Mary Recipes.

There are many variations of Bloody Mary, but don’t let that put you off!

Remember how healthy this cocktail can be, if you use fresh tomatoes to make the juice, you will get one of your 5 a day!

Best Bloody Mary Recipes has a whole page devoted to variations on Bloody Mary recipes.

This just goes to show how many options you have when you are creating your brunch cocktail/hangover cure!

Top Five Secrets for the best Bloody Mary Recipes

#1. Plan your Bloody Mary

The best advice for a perfect Bloody Mary is to be prepared for making all the ingredients into a cocktail.

Make jalapeno vodka 2 weeks in advance: Wash and finely slice a few jalapeño chillies, then add to a bottle of your favourite vodka. Leave to infuse.

Make your Bloody Mary early:  The best Bloody Mary, no matter what ingredients you choose, is one that has been kept in the refridgerator for 24-48 hours before serving.  The spices and hot sauces that you add will marinate in the mixture and provide a deeper flavor and intensity to your Bloody Mary.

#2. Vodka can be cheap

The combination of ingredients in a Bloody Mary mean that the vodka that you choose does not have to be an expensive one.  You can choose your favorite if you have one or look here for ideas on the best vodkas.

I personally use Smirnoff and I have tried the trick of adding a few jalapenos and letting them infuse the vodka – it works really well!

#3. Take your time with the tomato juice

The tomato juice is the main ingredient of a Bloody Mary, so this is the one to take your time with.

If you have a juicer, make some fresh tomato juice for your cocktail – this is super healthy and vitamin-packed.  Otherwise, buy tomato juice that is additive free, good quality and tightly sealed.

#4.  Make the effort to add the garnish

A lot of home-made cocktails miss out on the garnish that you would enjoy in a bar.  In most cases, your chosen drink will be fine without the garnishes, BUT Bloody Mary is an exception!

The addition of a celery stalk and a pickle spear will greatly enhance the flavor of the Bloody Mary and will make you feel even more virtuous and healthy!  (Even if you don’t like pickles!)

#5. Consider making a Bloody Mary mix

If you like a Bloody Mary on a regular basis, you can make up the mix and keep it in your fridge for up to a week.

Each time you want a cocktail, simply pour vodka over ice and add your Bloody Mary mix according to your personal taste.

And finally, to impress your buddies, how about making Bloody Mary jello shots?

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