After Shave Tips for Men

Rocking a nicely kempt beard is the dream of every man. Some prefer a long beard, while others short. Regardless of how you enjoy keeping your beard, making sure that your shaving and trimming process is taken care of is a big part of beard grooming.

For a short beard, the very art of shaving matters a lot. You have to consider the direction of your hair growth, the beard style you want, and the sensitivity of your skin. When it comes to taking care of your skin, you cannot afford to compromise on your facial skin. Keeping it smooth and free from blackheads and ingrown hairs is paramount. For that to happen, you need to master a couple of tricks to manage your skin after shaving. Here are a couple of amazing after shave tips to get you started:

Wash with a cleanser

Water and soap are not enough for your grooming routine. A lot of dirt and sweat accumulates in your beard over time. After shaving, you should determine a thorough cleansing to get rid of all the dirt.

However, when it comes to men, most rely on soap and water, or otherwise harsh face scrubbers. Such products are usually unkind to the skin. Often, they leave your skin dry and wrinkly in appearance. Instead, opt for a gentle cleanser. It will effectively get rid of the dirt on your skin but gently. Choose a cleanser that will also hydrate your skin as much as it cleanses it.

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There is power in moisturizing, one greatly undervalued by most men. After washing your face, it is not enough to leave it at that. Most men figure that the skin will oil itself in the day. Truly, the skin generates its own essential oils, but they are not nearly enough to keep your skin moisturized the whole time. It makes a whole a lot of difference if you can grab a facial moisturizer for your face. It may not seem like the manliest thing to do, but it will help keep your skin soft and relaxed throughout the day.

For preference, choose fragrance-free face moisturizers so you can feel manlier instead of girly. Use a facial moisturizer every time you wash your face to help keep your skin smooth and soft.

Use sunscreen

Sunscreen is not a product most men consider. Like a moisturizer, most men consider sunscreen a little too feminine. However, there are benefits to using sunscreen on your face. After shaving your beard, the skin underneath is now exposed more than it was before. The sun has harmful UV rays that can damage your skin over time. For the newly shaved area, you will need sunscreen to protect it from the harshness of the sun.

Besides, it helps to restore a little moisture on your face since it is never covered by clothes. Sunscreen is also beneficial in maintaining youthful and smooth skin.

Use aftershave

After shaving your beard with the best balding clippersit is time to make a new best friend. After-shave products are made to help hydrate the skin while soothing it. It is a nice opportunity to massage our skin after shaving. This will soothe your skin from the pull and tension of shaving.

Pro tip: make sure you check that your aftershave is alcohol-free. The alcohol content in products promotes dehydration, which leaves your skin dry.

Change your razor

If you are one to buy cheap razors, you may need to change your game plan. You will notice a huge difference in your skin from when you use a cheap razor, and when you go for a quality blade. Quality razors are gentle on your skin. They do not encourage ingrown hairs

Consider investing in a straight razor. There are many benefits to using straight razors besides saving you money. They cause less irritation and razor burn and give you a closer and smoother shaving experience. Plus, they’re better for the environment and feel awesome to use!


Skincare should be a part of your grooming routine every day. Healthy smooth skin is indicative of a healthy lifestyle.

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