As our society becomes more vain, men across the globe are starting to do more with their anti aging regimen.  It’s no secret that men’s skin care is a rapidly growing sub-niche of the overall skin care product category.

As the Founder of a skin care company, I know first hand how a solid face wash can have a huge impact on your skin.  In fact, it’s really the starting point of any anti aging routine, and should not be overlooked.

Today we’ll talk about how men can go about sourcing a face wash, as well as which ingredients should be looked for when going through this selection.

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Choosing Face Washes for Men

The first thing to know is that we can have one of many different skin types.

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Combo Skin
  • Acne Prone

Once you know your skin type, you can find a men’s face wash that will work best for you.

Of course, if you have sensitive skin (I am borderline sensitive myself), you’ll want to pick out a face wash without chemicals.  This means that anything you typically source at your local drug store is probably off limits.  Stay away from salicylic acid products (many face washes will have this) as well as any that aren’t labeled as natural.  What you can look for, instead, are face washes derived from ingredients such as coconuts and other natural items, such as:

  • Aloe – great for hydration
  • Charcoal – eats away at impurities and exfoliates the skin
  • Olive Oil – this is a healthy oil that will do wonders for your skin

With sensitive skin, you will only want to wash your face once daily.

If you have oily skin, chances are that your skin needs a natural face wash that can be used several times per day.  Twice is typically good, as this will prevent oily build up from gathering during the day since it’s being washed so thoroughly.  You also won’t want to dry out your face, as more oils will be made.

Examples of what to look for in face washes if you have oily skin:

  • Coconut – similar to sensitive skin
  • Geranium – soaks up impurities
  • Aloe – natural moisture and hydration

If you have combo skin, you’ll have a hard time finding a face wash.  This is because you will have sensitivity as well as oil, so it’s what I call a “zone wash” that will attack all areas.  You’ll want a combination of the two aforementioned skin type’s ingredients if you find yourself having combo skin.

Lastly, if you are prone to acne, you should look for a face wash that fits the mold of one for oily skin.  Acne prone people have typically oily skin types, so you can source a wash that fits the above description.

As I get older, I find myself paying more attention to these types of things.  Skin, hair, eyes, ears, it’s all important.  In an upcoming series I’ll talk about a robotic hair therapy I’ve been looking at getting.  Should I pull the trigger?

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