With a trip up to Minnesota followed by a journey to Europe after the New Year, it was time to load up on Cold Weather Gear.

So, I went down to the famous Aventura Mall in Aventura, Florida, set out to find some designer brands.  I went to Gucci, Saint Laurent, and all of the big department stores.

No luck. 

I went into Louis Vuitton, which has a mega store there in the newly refurbished Mall.  My girlfriend wanted the gloves and a scarf, while I just wanted a beanie and of course, some shoes.

Well, we had horse shit luck, and the store was unable to help us.  Today I’ll tell you about it in this reveal video.

My Awful Experience With Louis Vuitton in Aventura Mall

I decided that a video was the best way to attack this, so without further ado, please enjoy my experience in this short clip.

The bottom line?  Always try to do things for yourself!

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Tim Schmidt is an Internet Entrepreneur living in South Florida. When he's not doing Internet Marketing, he enjoys traveling, sports, and cigars. Learn more about him on the About Us page.

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