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The pipe systems we take for granted today are becoming damaged over time. It’s why pipe rehabilitation plays a major role in the maintenance of systems people rely on for hygiene, waste management, power, and daily living tasks. 

Yet, even as more pipe systems demand repair, open-cut pipe replacement is falling out of favor; more and more establishments realize how disruptive they are to the daily movements of citizens as well as the impact they have on the environment. In its place, cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) replacement is becoming a more popular choice.

The efficacy of any CIPP replacement depends on the crew and equipment handling them. The latter gets the most concern between the two, though. While you can always enhance the skills of your workers, the pipe lining equipment you buy for your business is pretty much set on its reliability, functionality, and efficiency. It makes sense you would want the best possible one for your operations.

Among the many manufacturers seeking to fill this need, we find MaxLiner USA and the latest iteration of its hot air curing system. Is it the piece of equipment every pipe liner contractor needs? Is getting one worth it? This article goes into why it may be a great choice for pipe liners.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the perks of investing in a MaxLiner USA hot air curing system:

MaxLiner USA

  • It’s Durable

For any piece of equipment to be worthwhile, it should serve you for many years down the line. Flimsy machinery requires constant maintenance and replacements, turning it into a money sink. MaxLiner USA’s hot air curing system tackles this by using high-quality raw materials during production. 

The manufacturer also claims to put its products through rigorous testing to ensure compliance with industry standards and to check their durability before use. 

  • It’s Portable

Portability is always a plus, especially since your company will have to work in different locations. The MaxLiner USA hot air curing system comes in a steel toolbox that holds all the necessary parts needed for its use. In turn, this can be easily carried around by hand and fit right into your service vehicle.

Suppose you need to cure pipe lining in a tight, indoor space. Most heating systems have trouble fitting into small, hard-to-reach areas. In contrast, the MaxLiner USA hot air curing system can be carried through doors and set up in narrow corners with ease. When you move on to your next job, there’s no need for long wait times while you put the equipment into your vehicle.

  • It’s Adjustable

No two projects are ever the same. One might have you going up a cellar, while another will require you to work inside a boiler room. Therefore, the equipment you use should be able to adapt to a variety of conditions to get any kind of job done.

The MaxLiner USA hot air curing system responds to this need by offering a range of hot air and pressure controls. This allows you to adjust specs to better ensure the curing of lined pipes, especially when the climate gets cold. It’s also designed for vertical and lateral applications, making reaching the right spots much easier.

  • It’s Cost-Effective

As a business, you should invest in resources that not only cut overall expenses but also aid with guaranteeing regular results for profit. The MaxLiner USA hot air curing system also hits on this need well.

With this equipment, pipe liners can complete jobs at a quicker and more efficient rate. This is thanks to the convenience and efficacy offered by this system and its state-of-the-art design. Through this, you can expect your company to become a go-to choice for pipe rehabilitation jobs.

The unit’s portability also contributes to shortening your timelines between jobs. Since you don’t have to move a lot of clunky or heavy junk around to use it, you save both time and energy. Installations and repairs can be done reliably, giving you more time to move to the next project without a hassle.

That means consistent profit for what you pay: definitely something you should think about if you want your company to keep growing.

Should You Get One for Your Operations?

Actual experience will always vary, of course. Nonetheless, the MaxLiner USA hot air curing system should definitely be on your radar for effective, worthwhile pipe lining equipment. If you want more flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency in your rehabilitation projects, it has the specs you need. Feel free to learn more before you consider a purchase.

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