There are several methods to combat sleep disorders to provide patients with sound sleep. CPAP is one such method.

But the question arises what is CPAP? It stands for Continuous positive airway pressure. It is an effective treatment procedure for patients and individuals suffering from sleep apnea. In this procedure, machines provide constant positive pressure to keep the airway in the body intact and open. They are usually used by patients suffering from severe breathing problems while sleeping. It helps maintain a smooth passage of the airways, thereby preventing them from collapsing while breathing through the night.

What is CPAP Therapy: What Does it Consist Of?

Continuous positive airway pressure involves a machine that consists of the following:

  • An efficient mask that helps cover the mouth and nose, another show that allows cover only the nose, often comes with prongs that fit in an individual’s nose.
  • Another tube that connects the mask to the CPAP monitor
  • A crucial motor that helps blow the air in the tube.

Who Should Use CPAP Therapy?

Continuous positive airway pressure is recommended for individuals with severe obstructive sleep apnea, which blocks the airway passage, thereby having breathing issues. CPAP therapy is also used for infants that have not fully developed their lungs.

When an individual is prescribed CPAP therapy, they work with a sleep technologist, ensuring that the machine’s settings provide a peaceful and undisturbed sleep. With the help of accurate and appropriate air pressure, the device can free the airway passage, ensuring proper breathing during sleep.

There are different types of continuous positive airway pressure machines and masks. It allows an individual to set their air pressures depending on the severity of their sleep apnea. However, one must keep in mind that the use of CPAP varies on the conditions faced by the individuals. It might take months for a patient to get accustomed to continuous positive airway pressure machines, while it takes a few days for others.

Why Should You Use CPAP?

Continuous positive airway pressure requires a certain level of adjustment in the initial stages. Still, it is one of the most efficient and significant treatments for sleep apnea. Some of the benefits of using CPAP are as follows:

  • Improved sleep quality
  • Circumvent or prevention of high blood pressure
  • Elimination of snoring
  • Reducing daytime sleepiness

Advantages of CPAP Therapy

The best way to treat moderate to severe sleep apnea is the use of CPAP treatment. Here are some of the benefits.

  • You will feel more alert and awake.
  • It prevents the risk of car accidents.
  • Your high blood pressure will be under control.
  • The risk of stroke due to sleep apnea is under control.
  • Reduces the risk of sleep apnea as well

How Long Does CPAP Therapy Take to Work?

Depending on the state of sleep apnea conditions among patients, CPAP therapy works its way into preventing breathing problems. According to various studies, the effects of continuous positive airway pressure are often achieved in two weeks.

However, it entirely depends on the response that the airways of the patients showcase during the therapy. If the problem persists even after four weeks, one must consult their doctors and identify the underlying issue related to the persistence of the drowsiness.

Final Thoughts

By now, the question “what is CPAP?” must have been answered. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy is considered an effective treatment to improve breathing conditions among individuals suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. With the help of a proper diagnosis and consultation from your healthcare provider, you can prevent the effects of sleep apnea using this therapy.

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