Todd Gurley's GirlfriendWho is Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend?  We’ve all heard of Todd Gurley as he is the RB for the LA Rams.

Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend is called Olivia Davidson and they have been dating since his days at Georgia.  It is currently unclear in 2018 whether they are still together.  The social media accounts of both of them have gone quiet on their relationship.  This could be a yearning for privacy or could mean they’ve parted company.

I’m presuming it’s the former and that they are still going strong!

Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend

#1. What Do We Know About Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend?

  • Olivia Davidson comes from Bozemon, Montana and is she has two brothers called Noah and Joe
  • Olivia graduated from Bozemon High School in 2012 and the University of Georgia in 2016
  • Olivia was by Todd’s side when he was selected by the Rams in the 2015 NFL Draft
  • Olivia has worked for the Jessica Simpson Brand and is a fashionista

#2. Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend – The BusinessWoman

  • Olivia and her Mum, Rona have gone into business together
  • They opened an online shop called Liv Lively in June 2017
  • The shop focusses on selling it’s fashion on social media
  • In October 2017 they purchased a Blow Dry Salon in their hometown
  • This has remained as a Blow Dry Salon but also has some Liv Lively pieces for sale
  • Check out the Liv Lively range here

#3. Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend – Are They Still Together?

  • Google seems unclear whether they are still an item
  • The latest news dates back to 2017 and questions are being asked then
  • Who Cares?  Check out Bros bible for some shots of Olivia in swimsuits – she’s hot whether she’s Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend or not!
  • For more hot shots, head over to her Instagram account

#4.  The Important Stuff – Gurley in NFL!

  • Gurley was narrow beaten out by Tom Brady for the NFL MVP in 2018
  • He did get named as Offensive Player of the Year though
  • Here’s some highlights from his season:

#5. Does Todd Gurley Need A New Girlfriend?

We don’t know! But if he does, we’d like to help him out at!

We’d be more than happy to recommend some of our fabulous articles on dating!

Todd, you’re welcome!  We’re here to help out wherever we can!

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