christmas break sign with santa on the beachWhenever I have a break in the action, I like to saddle up and go someplace. Travel is a passion of mine. Whether it’s someplace new or I’m revisiting a favorite spot, I am ready to roll! When it comes to things to do for men during Christmas break, you know I’m going to be talking about travel.

Plenty of Things For Men to Do During Christmas Break

To me, packing up and heading out is a super way to clear out some mental cobwebs and have some big boy fun! I like to party so I’m going to focus on some places right here in the USA that you can go to and have some party time.

The great thing about the places I’m going to mention is that they are pretty damn affordable. In other words, I want to get maximum bang for my party bucks.

Biloxi for Casinos and Beaches

nighttime at the beach in biloxiFirst off is Biloxi, Mississippi. I’ve always had a good time visiting this coastal gem of a place. They’ve had hurricanes come tearing through and ripping up the place but they have persevered and Biloxi should not be overlooked. Check it out, there are casinos, and plenty of beaches. Two of my favorite places to get my fill of adult beverages.

I like casinos because they have great bars, good restaurants, and extended hours. Bing, bang, boom! Three solid hits right there. If I’m gambling, I can get either free or cheap drinks. Now don’t be a sucker, my friends. Getting ripped while gambling is a recipe for financial disaster. Have a couple at the tables and then head to the bar itself for some serious drink time.

Beaches are always great because of the view and the vibe. Searching out a few beachfront restaurants and/or bars is a great way to spend a little daytime fun time.

We are in the sweet spot between November and April to save money on lodging. Keep in mind, the temperature is going to be low so this time of year is not the time for a Biloxi beach summer vacation.

Checking Out Daytona Beach

Next up is Daytona Beach, Florida. I always get a kick out of Daytona whether it’s during their two annual motorcycle events, race events, spring break or not an event happening at all. Even this time of year you canhotels beach and boardwalk at night in daytona beach count on daytime high temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s. Since Daytona has over 20 miles of beach fronting the Atlantic Ocean, you can definitely enjoy that. Hell, you can even drive on a lot of the beach in Daytona which I love to do!

Near the beach are a bunch of bars so you can party with the locals! Tourists plus locals is often an interesting mix. Blend in and go with the flow, my friends.

Daytona Beach has a lot of resorts right on the beach so you can get a room with a view. But, that view comes with a higher price tag. I wanted to give you fair warning.

Don’t forget they have some fun museums and you can check out their famous race track too. See, I even can name stuff to do that does not involve alcohol consumption. Surprised, aren’t ya?

Memphis for Blues, BBQ, and More

Hey, let’s go to Memphis, Tennessee for Christmas break and party like Elvis! Much fun to be had in Memphis and you don’t necessarily have to bust open your piggy bank.

part of beale street at night in memphisMemphis, to me, means music and Bar-B-Que! For music lovers, get the Backstage Pass at the front desk of the Rock ’n’ Soul Museum. For $84 the Backstage Pass will get you into the museum where you just bought it, Graceland for the Elvis Experience tour, the Stax Museum of American Soul Music, and Sun Studio. What a deal for anyone into great music and history!

Great barbecue abounds in Memphis. Just Google it and a whole bunch of great places will pop up on your screen.

The night time is the right time to hear great music and knock back some serious drinks on Beale Street. Beale Street is the home of the blues! But it doesn’t stop there. Rock and Roll, Jazz, R&B and more can be heard spilling out of the clubs and onto the sidewalks and street. It is musical heaven!

It is the Right Time for Las Vegas Time

Finally, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t mention Las Vegas, Nevada. Seriously, I don’t know how anyone can go to Vegas and not have a blast. Restaurants, bars, casino’s, and all kinds of other attractions are literally everywhere in Vegas! It is an ideal Christmas break trip destination.

I always hit downtown and do the Fremont Street Experience. I enjoy the overhead free show on the LEDview of fremont street experience downtown las vegas nevada canopy on Fremont street. When it gets dark, the light show plays every hour.

During the day and into the night you can see fun street performers. Don’t be a stiff, if you see a good performer and watch their show go ahead and tip them a five or a ten.

Around Fremont Street, there are three stages for bands. The whole place turns into a giant street party. The casinos set up bars on the street so drinks are easy to get. People have a fun party attitude and I just love drinking on the street while listening to great music and seeing everybody having a wild time!

Downtown isn’t the only place to be in Vegas. There’s fun to be had on the strip and all over town. I’m always ready to go to Vegas and do it up!

Do It or Regret It!

I’ve given you plenty of things to do for men during Christmas break. Don’t be a slouch. Get up, get out, and go! That’s the only way to live.

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